Dying Wish push back against movement co-opters on ‘Innate Thirst’

‘Innate Thirst,’ the newest Dying Wish single, is seriously angry & topical right now. 

The tumult, protests, fatal shootings and violence that are occurring in the city of Portland right now has the world more or less watching the Oregon’s largest city. Hailing from said ‘Rose City’, metalcore revivalist newcomers, Dying Wish, have something specific to touch upon when it comes to the movements happening in their hometown. Namely those use these uprisings as a platform to increase their own social standing, rather than actively trying to aid the community or help these important discussions forward. As the song itself declares: “Sacrifices never made. Fake reflections fuel my rage.”

Vocalist Emma Boster touched upon their newest song’s meaning of people co-opting movements for their own self-interests, and how this can be related to the hardcore scene, saying it best by writing:

“’Innate Thirst’ is written about people co-opting subcultures or movements to gain social status or wealth. With the recent uprisings following the death of George Floyd, our hometown of Portland has seen many people that seek to appoint themselves as “leaders” of the Portland movement. Time and time again, these people get exposed for taking advantage of others’ pain and suffering to make a profit and form social status. This can also be applied to our subculture within the hardcore scene. Many newcomers see the scene as an opportunity to achieve popularity instead of becoming truly involved and contributing to the community.”

Dying Wish are one of the many current bands that were born and bred out of the 2000’s metalcore scene, which has been riding high atop a resurgent wave lately; everyone from Renounced, SeeYouSpaceCowboy, Knocked Loose, Chamber, Wristmeetrazor, Bloodbather, Vein, and many others. In that sense, you should all know what you’re in for here. The “dun-dun-dun” breakdowns, old Swedish metal influences, melo-death riffs, low chugs aplenty, seething hardcore energy,  throwback songwriting, hyper-aggressive screams and dead-pan spoken-word lines (that suitably match the frustration of the lyrics about leaches and fake allies), as dissonant chords and brief melodic leads cut through. It’s obviously nothing that unique and is extremely familiar stuff for this genre – both old and new – but it’s well-written and delivered solidly nonetheless. Plus, everyone’s tough until the gnarly 1:13 part hits like a damn freight train!

The American group has a new 7-inch currently due out on November 13th, 2020, featuring both ‘Innate Thirst‘ and ‘Enemies In Red,’ and they’re also plotting their debut LP – that they’re already hard away working on – for a 2021 release via SharpTone Records.

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