Dying Wish drop new song, ‘Enemies In Red,’ featuring Knocked Loose’s Bryan Garris

Dying Wish hit like a freight train on ‘Enemies In Red.’

The first new release since their killer, aggro 2018 split with Serration, Portland metallic-hardcore outfit Dying Wish are hitting hard today with new single, ‘Enemies In Red.’ The riffy four-minute track also comes packed with a cool guest vocal feature from Knocked Loose’s Bryan Garris; a bit of a quid-pro-quo feature after Dying Wish’s own vocalist, Emma Boster, guested on that bands ‘A Different Shade Of Blue‘ cut, ‘A Serpent’s Tongue.’ (One of my favourite tracks from Knocked Loose’s latest effort.)

From the chunky guitar/ride-bell combos, the two-step part in the middle, Bryan’s feature, to the amount of sheer venom that drips off this track, this is a volatile belter from one of America’s best-emerging hardcore acts. (Alongside Mortality Rate and Jesus Piece, of course.) For just like Sanction, SeeYouSpaceCowboy, and Renounced, Dying Wish are an integral part of the scene’s new-blood that’s coursing with the style of old but done so in such an energetic form.

Which is the bizarre thing about all of these newer, younger bands entering into modern hardcore and metalcore: they’re not doing anything different from those that came before, yet they often sound so fresh, real, and genuine. And ‘Enemies In Red‘ is just that: a solid metalcore revivalist sound that evokes the sounds of 2008 in the best way possible. Honestly, certain older acts in the genre could maybe learn a thing or two from the current wave of bands.

Vibe with ‘Enemies In Red‘ below:

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