Make Them Suffer drop heavy new belter, ‘Drown With Me’

Come drown with Make Them Suffer’s latest. 

A darker, heavier assault on the senses with a splattering of light keys and pop vocals, ‘Drown With Me’ is a decent new belter lifted off the Perth bands next LP, ‘How To Survive A Funeral.’ Kicking off with a snappy double-kick-snare combo drum fill (I swear those drums are programmed), this mid-tempo, head-bobbing tune from Make Them Suffer switches between the Perth group’s sole dynamic: a hard-hitting if here somewhat generic riff-city style and their lighter, melodic side with keyboardist Booka Nile leading the songs’ refrains. Though guitarist Nick McLernon’s pinch harmonic-loving antics and frontman Sean Harmanis getting pretty dang low vocally during the closing breakdown, as well as his frantic, manic screaming in the phrases are all real highlights.

Drown With Me‘ is the core side of Make Them Suffer; a little bit of everything that they do nowadays post-‘Worlds Apart,’ which isn’t a bad thing, really. Yet the previous single, ‘Erase Me‘ was a far more memorable, fun and satisfying track, overall. Whereas ‘Drown With Me‘ is a very traditional metalcore song, sounding like a heavier, off-shoot cousin to that of ‘Ether‘ or ‘Fireworks.’ Though there’s still no doubt in my mind that this fourth MTS record will be a solid effort at the absolute very least. For even if this is to be their “worst” album, that still means it’ll be infinitely better than most others.

How To Survive A Funeral‘ is slated for a June 5th release.

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