Make Them Suffer drop first song as part of Greyscale Records, ‘Erase Me’

New album, ‘How To Survive A Funeral,’ is out this June. 

Hey, you know what’s a really cool record? Underoath’s 2018 comeback album, ‘Erase Me.’ Instead of just re-creating their old hey-day circa ‘They’re Only Chasing Safety‘ (2004) and ‘Define The Great Line‘ (2006), Underoath pushed ahead with a more natural alt-rock sound, split deeper into their post-hardcore leanings, with more pop and noise-rock thrown in. It was a damn fine returning effort, better than most people will give it credit for, and also showed that Underoath are so much more than just a safe, metalcore/post-hardcore nostalgia act, keeping their legacy intact.

Anyway! Make Them Suffer have a new song out today that’s also called ‘Erase Me. Make Them Suffer are one of the more consistent Australian bands in terms of output regarding metalcore/deathcore/etc. and ‘Erase Me‘ absolutely upkeeps that home-run track record. Being the Perth group’s first release on Greyscale Records since leaving Roadrunner and following 2018’s wicked ‘27‘ banger and 2019’s harrowing ‘Hollowed Heart‘ single, ‘Erase Me‘ is a very cool mixture of their musical dynamic between light and dark. It’s a deadly combination of blast beats and melody; an emotive song about the very fine line between selflessness and selfishness.

With more prominent singing from keyboardist Booka Nile during the choruses, screamer Sean Harmanis actually singing in the song’s beautifully atmospheric bridge, and even him doing some subtle backing clean vocals in the refrains, to the song’s seriously uplifting chanting outro that makes for an excellent resolution, Make Them Suffer don’t shy away from their melodic side here. Yet it’s all done to great effect, never feeling forced or cheap, even if this songs’ hook is basically ‘Empire State Of Mind by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. (For real, play them back-to-back.)

Likewise, the band doesn’t skimp on their heavier core elements either. As ‘Erase Me‘ is bolstered by their on-brand blackened blast beats (even though the drums do sound like they’re programmed), filthy breakdowns, Nick McLernon’s angular djenty riffs that never disappoint, and Sean’s brutal, passionate screams that cut right down the middle; a solid vocal performance that once again proves why he’s one of the best metal vocalists in Australia currently. It’s an extremely well-balanced song between the hookier and heavier aspects of Make Them Suffer’s sound, and is yet another big hit to add to their ever-increasing list of such top-notch songs.

Their new album, ‘How To Survive A Funeral,’ is out June 5th, 2020, through Greyscale Records. Go erase yourself below:

‘How To Survive A Funeral’ track-listing: 

1. Step One
2. Falling Ashes
3. Bones
4. Drown With Me
5. Erase Me
6. Soul Decay
7. Fake Your Own Death
8. How To Survive A Funeral
9. The Attendant
10. That’s Just Life

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