Make Them Suffer Reset The System With ’27’

Someone’s been watching Westworld, it seems. 

What I love most about Make Them Suffer is how their lyrics have grown and developed over the years. The Perth metal band have touched upon the natural and spiritual with their 2012 debut LP, ‘Neverbloom‘, before hitting more personal and emotional beats on 2015’s powerful ‘Old Souls‘. After those two records, Make Them Suffer aimed higher and went even more ambitious with the interconnected narrative of the technological and sci-fi-themed ‘Worlds Apart‘ LP from last year – a damned solid release that features one of their greatest tracks to date, ‘Vortex‘. Now, just mere weeks out from their upcoming Australian headline tour, the melodic metalcore/deathcore group have followed suit with the “ghost in the machine” vibes of the sonically unrelenting ‘27‘.

New single ‘27‘, premiered earlier this week on The Racket and fittingly released today on July 27th, is a lyrical quest for freedom and escape; an attempt to “see the sunset” and get away from the rigid hell of the modern world. Whether that means leaving the city behind for mother nature’s warm embrace or just simply putting your phone down for a few hours and finding some quiet time for yourself. From the mechanical and flowing rhythms, the slick and shiny mix, and vocalist Sean Harmanis aggressively screaming “Commencing scan of memory/Accessing cache bin imagery” – followed right up by a vocal binary code delivery of “00011011” – this is ‘computer-core’ operating at it’s finest version yet.

Truly, ‘27‘ is ‘Ether‘ levels of sick. I’ve been hitting that replay button ever since it dropped – I love it! The song’s got those wicked, bending guitar riffs in high-supply. The memorable songwriting hooks and tasteful clean vocals from keys-player Booka Nile litter the track in all of the most effective places. The narrative-driven, human vs A.I. lyrics are going to set clued-in fans minds alight along with Reddit threads about how this may or may not tie back into Sean’s larger “lord of woe” story arc. (I’ll leave such deeper detective work to others more enamored with said story than myself). And the well-written atmospherics and solid song structures that we all expect from Make Them Suffer sure haven’t gone anywhere on ‘27‘.

Few bands can make metalcore and deathcore music like this work so well in such -over-crowded and generic times, and that’s all down to Make Them Suffer’s skillset as musicians and their vision as artists.

Check out ‘27‘ below and learn the words so you can shout them back at the band next month.

Make Them Suffer Australian tour 2018 dates:

Fri 10 August – Valhalla, Wellington, NZ (18+)
Sat 11 August – Galatos, Auckland, NZ (18+)
Tue 14 August – The Zoo, Brisbane, QLD (18+)
Wed 15 August – Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle, NSW (18+)
Thu 16 August – The Factory, Sydney, NSW (LIC/AA)
Fri 17 August – Corner Hotel, Melbourne, VIC (18+)
Sat 18 August – Uni Bar, Adelaide, SA (LIC/AA)
Fri 24 August – Capitol, Perth, WA (18+)


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