Alexisonfire get moody, ambient & sludgy on ‘Season Of The Flood’

Alexisonfire 2020!

When the very members of an esteemed band like Alexisonfire start proclaiming online that their newest single is one of their best songs yet, you’d better start paying attention. Now, ‘Season of The Flood‘ might not be the “greatest” song of the post-hardcore bands career to me or you, but it’s hard to deny that it’s not right up there.

This is a darker, atmospheric, and sludgy piece from Alexisonfire; like it’s caught between the moody, sluggish gospel of ‘The Northern, the sludge-rock of ‘Familiar Drugs,’ and the ambiance and emotions of ‘Sharks And Danger.’ Sometimes, this latest track from the Canadian group sounds and feels like a City & Colour track, but that’s not a bad thing. The drawn-out intro of distorted feedback lapping at your feet like soft waves gives way into slow drum beats, Dallas Green’s crooning and soulful vocals gliding alongside George Pettit’s singing, with grumbling bass lines and dirty, stoner-like riffs. At six minutes in length, it’s definitely on the longer side for Alexisonfire, taking its sweet time in nicely building up into a phat layered, thickened wall of sound lead by deafening riffs, George’s harsh screams, and some great melodic layers from the guitars and Dallas’s sweet backing vocal harmonies.

Season Of The Flood‘ is a beast of a song, in equally subtle and memorable ways, feeling like a skin-crawling closer about personal debts that would round-out a much larger full-length record. It stands taller and prouder than last year’s ‘Complicit‘ ever did, showing “the only band ever” taking a similar mixing of their older and newer sound as per 2019’s solid ‘Familiar Drugs‘ single.

Look, there’s no way that AOF aren’t working on a new album that’ll probably be released later this year, and even if I’m wrong about it and it’s just a series of singles coming out for from them the foreseeable future, I’m still just so glad to see AOF putting out great content such as ‘Season Of The Flood.’ Dive in:

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