Alexisonfire are all for inclusiveness with brand new track, ‘Complicit’

Alexisonfire are really spoiling us now with ‘Complicit’. 

Alexisonfire’s newest single, ‘Complicit‘, discusses the idea that remaining silent is essentially staying compliant in not being an ally towards marginalised, much less fortunate people. Folks who aren’t as lucky or as privileged; demographics of individuals who’ve had various prejudices shot their way; those who have had certain roadblocks purposely placed before them.

Screamer and T-shirt-ripper-extraordinaire, George Pettit, essentially described the new song as such, sharing the sentiment that if only some of us free, then none of us are. His words:

“Complicit’ is about recognizing the unfair advantages that we are afforded as white, heterosexual males. It’s about rejecting regressionist ideas of racism, misogyny and hetero supremacy. It’s about accepting that there is no freedom and no future in a world that is not inclusive.”

Which is, of course, all nothing new for the Canadian outfit, given politically-charged and killer tracks like ‘Boiled Frogs‘ (dealing with unchecked materialism and capitalism), ‘Sons Of Privilege‘ (rampant and dangerous American patriotism), and ‘Accept Crime‘ (fighting for LGTB rights), just to name a few.

This being the band’s first new track since February’s ‘Familiar Drugs‘ single, ‘Complicit‘ instead carries with it some strong ‘Crisis‘ meets ‘Old Crows/Young Cardinals‘ vibes, slotting into that classic, hooky Alexisonfire post-hardcore sound. Similar to that of ‘Familiar Drugs‘, it picks up right where the band left off all those years ago. It’s more expected and straight-forward for the Alexisonfire’s sound, as opposed to the surprisingly fuzzy, doomy/stoner-rock nature of their previous single; a track that I actually really loved and personally enjoy a hell of a more than this newie, despite it being… okayish.

Will there be a brand new Alexisonfire LP in 2019? At this rate, I sure think so.

Listen to ‘Complicit‘ below:

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  1. Alex Sievers

    Man, when I first wrote this, I was like “Yeah, it’s not all that great of a track, but I don’t mind it.”

    Now, I don’t care for it at all. Haven’t gone back to it once since the weekend. Familiar Drugs stuck with me so much more.

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