Stepson join SharpTone Records, drop ‘The Entire Of History Of You’ single

New song, new label, same ol’ Stepson. 

The Entire History Of You (the episode, not the song) is probably one of the most depressing episodes from the earlier, better seasons of Black Mirror. The third episode of the same name from the famed show’s first season envisions a world where citizens, now paired with futuristic neural-implants, can re-wind, pause, fast-forward and basically re-scan and over-think all of their old memories. The good, the bad, and the ugly. As per that shows norm, this leads the characters down into all kinds of messy inter-personal relationship dramas and revelations that are either violent, upheaving, or both. That much-loved episode’s self-reflective themes of regret, paranoia, self-loathing and deep-seated anxiety are what Stepson is tonally pulling from lyrically in naming their latest jam directly after it.

The Entire History Of You‘ (the song, not the episode) is another competently written, emotionally charged melodic hardcore punk track from the Queensland outfit. It plays with the varying extremes of their sound; from bassist Jayden Riddley’s cleanly sung refrains, Brock Conry’s passionate mid-then-high-then-mid-again screaming style, the clean guitar intro, the metalcore breakdown at 2:23 that builds up the song into a fervor, to the darker melodic instrumental passage that winds it all down. Even at five minutes in length, Stepson’s latest tune never feels like its ever dragging its feet; it always feels like it’s moving forward at just the right pace. The only thing it doesn’t have for Stepson’s sound is the chilled-out electro-pop from their lovely third EP.

The Entire History Of You‘ is far from my personal favourite Stepson song: the song-ranking hierarchy for me with this band is ‘TV,’ ‘The Beautiful Lie,’ and ‘Never Mind Me‘ sitting atop, and then everything else underneath. But it’s also a welcome, long-awaited dosage of new material from one of Australia’s best up-and-coming bands since their 2018 single, ‘Come With Me.’

Go re-live your worst memories below. And now that the band is signed to SharpTone Records, safely expect a new record in 2020.

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