Stepson Combine The New & The Old On ‘Come With Me’

Think ‘Echoes In An Empty Room’ meets ‘The Beautiful Lie’.

The last time we heard from Stepson, it was last year’s three-track EP, ‘The Beautiful Lie‘. That short, soothing release saw the Brisbane outfit briefly ditch their melodic hardcore/punk sound for that of a pop aesthetic; complete with pitch-shifted vocals, ambient synths, and electronic drums. Despite barely sounding like Stepson at all, it’s a release that I deeply enjoyed nonetheless. As I was also aware that the quintet wouldn’t solely stick with this sound moving forwards, and that we’d soon see the faster, scream-heavy Stepson again.

Which is more or less the case with new single, ‘Come With Me‘. Here, Stepson merges the emotionally-charged melodic hardcore sound of their first two EP’s with a slower bridge section showing off the calming pop style from ‘The Beautiful Lie‘. It doesn’t feel disjointed, rather, it works; all showing off a solid mix of where they came from and what they experimented with last year. Now, whether or not this track works because the band already tested the waters with that 2016 EP, I’m not sure. However, what I’m sure of is that whatever release – EP or full-length (god, do I dare even dream?) – comes this year or in 2018, it’s bound to be a good one.

Of course, it’s never really a Stepson song unless it delivers heavily on the feels, and ‘Come With Me‘ is no different. Stepson vocalist, Brock Conry, shared where the tone and theme surrounding this new track came from in a recent media release, saying:

“Come With Me” is about the constant self-deprecation you face when you think you aren’t good enough for some one you truly care about. For me personally, I thought I was doing the right thing but the extent of what I created was ultimately the worst thing I could’ve done. I’ve always been one to ignore issues, particularly to do with my own feelings, but little did I know it is quite possibly the worst and most harsh things you can do to a person that cares about you. The permanent fear of not knowing whether or not you’re good enough for someone who has treated you with nothing but love and respect is completely horrifying and I do not wish it upon anyone. In turn, I loved and lost someone due to my constant push and pull and this song is about how I felt during that very trying time.

With that above knowledge, a part of me feels like ‘Come With Me‘ is of the same theme of ‘Twelve‘ – trying to maintain a relationship with a parent who isn’t there. And with this new song’s music video detailing a divorce and a child being estranged from his own father, sending the parent into a deep, dark downward spiral, only reinforces that train of thought.

But that’s just me. Stream ‘Come With Me‘ below and make up your own conclusions.

Stepson will also be touring next month with Melbourne’s Aburden and fellow Brissy mates, The Comfort. Suss the full list of July & August shows below:

Friday, July 28 – CASINO, NSW **
The Royal Hotel – 18+

Saturday, July 29 – BRISBANE, QLD *
The Foundry (Upstairs) – 18+

Sunday, July 30 – BRISBANE, QLD
Phoenix Arts Theatre – AA

Friday, August 4 – NEWCASTLE, NSW
The Hamilton Hotel – 18+

Saturday, August 5 – CANBERRA, ACT
The Basement – 18+

Sunday, August 6 – SYDNEY, NSW
Bald Faced Stag – LIC/AA

Saturday, August 12 – MELBOURNE, VIC
BANG – 18+ *

Sunday, August 13 – MELBOURNE, VIC
Wrangler Studios – AA *

*Stateside not appearing
**Aburden not appearing

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