Voyager enjoyably merge prog-metal & synthwave on ‘Colours’

Voyager sprinkles even more synth & ’80s vibes into their prog-metal sound with ‘Colours.’

When browsing YouTube, I do believe that a videos’ thumbnail can say many things about the piece of content that you’re about to expose yourself to. So when you have a thumbnail depicting Voyager’s long-haired singer Danny Estrin rocking a keytar whilst standing up in a Toyota MR2 AW11, then you have my immediate attention. This is how you do good click-bait, my friends.

As for the newest prog-synth-jam from the Perth metal outfit, ‘Colours‘ is a groovy and tonally colourful prog-rock cut with plenty of ’80s synth-wave vibes. As if that wasn’t painfully obvious from the music videos chosen thumbnail. The surprisingly catchy song is a collision of musical worlds done tastefully and competently so. It’s not necessarily a brand new-take for Voyager’s sound, but one that’s done well – just like previous single, ‘Brightstar.’ And it’s a solid track that’s all driven along by Danny’s soaring falsetto vocals, a butt load of bleeping synths, the crunchy, palm-muted riffs of Simone Dow and Scott Kay (also of Statues and Absent Hearts), as well as the deadly locked-in rhythm section of drummer Ash Doodkorte and bassist Alex Canion. That violently angular breakdown that kicks in out of nowhere at 2:16 is seriously groovy!

It’s a fun video that matches the hooky, endearing and almost-laid-back quality of the song, all with some cute little moments. Like the fake-app that Danny uses at the start being called “Vber” instead of Uber, or like how at 2:08 you can see him nonchalantly miming along to the vocal track with his mouth full of food. It just all looks like Voyager actually had fun filming this clip and piecing it all together. Which is something that I just cannot say for 90% of the music videos that I end up watching for KYS.

Voyager’s next album, ‘Colours in the Sun‘ is out November 1st via Season Of Mist.

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