Premiere: Absent Hearts reveal beautiful new song, ‘The Town’

Statues guitarist, Scott Kay, strikes a different chord & mood with the latest Absent Hearts track, ‘The Town’.

Musically speaking, Absent Hearts is a far calmer and more serene experience from the angular riffs and guitar acrobatics that Scott Kay unloads whilst in chaotic-hardcore Perth act, Statues. (A band us here at KYS are also big fans of).

As this project’s instrumentalist and composer, Scott has decided to release the new Absent Hearts EP, ‘The Peak‘, as a solely instrumental body of work after much deliberation with vocalist Dan Tompkins, with some additional drumming from Daniel Harper. Mixed by Matthew Templeman (also of Statues) and mastered by Simons Struthers, and with artwork created by Ashley Doodkorte, the four songs of ‘The Peak‘ were written between January 2013 and December 2016. The whole release is intended as a celebration of the joyous times in our lives, and the long road that we often embark upon towards finding that fulfilling happiness. A path that was first set down by this upcoming EP’s gorgeous, soaring opener, ‘The Bird‘.

This new Absent Hearts EP is set to land on April 1st, 2019. And in full disclosure, in having heard the full thing myself already, you’re all in for a wonderful treat! It’s a dynamic, happy and bright release that’s bound to put a smile on that face of yours, with awesome guitar and bass tones, and some stunning textures and great dynamic shifts too. It’s an EP that really summons up the mental imagery of the very places that these four songs derive their names from.

Which is absolutely true of ‘The Town‘, which we’re stoked to be premiering today, as it figuratively pushes you through crowded streets of some unknown village as you explore the sonically vivid world around you. Truly, ‘The Town‘ is a jubilant track full of killer tones and sonic elation; an instrumental piece that says more than enough without the need for words to get the full point across.

Check out the lush sights and bustling sounds of this latest Absent Hearts jam below:

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