The Contortionist release wonderful new EP, ‘Our Bones’

The Contortionist land well with short & sweet new EP. 

After 2017’s mammoth prog-metal LP, ‘Clairvoyant,’ we may have to wait longer to hear another full-length epic from The Contortionist, but their short and sweet new four-track EP – their first EP in ten years, by the way, will keep those hungry like myself satiated for a while.

Our Bones‘ comes with two awesome new jams from the progressive titans kick off the EP with riffy, iconoclastic opener ‘Follow‘ (where we also see frontman Michael Lessard screaming again) as well as its lead single, the mental-health anthem of the lush and intricate ‘Early Grave‘ – one of the band’s finest songs if I do say so myself. Then there’s a small interlude piano-laded, acoustic piece in the delicate shape of ‘All Grey‘, before things surprisingly wrap up with a cover of Smashing Pumpkins‘ classic, ‘1979.’ No, I’m not kidding. The cover is extremely faithful toward the original and is the least that The Contortionist have ever sounded like themselves. However, it’s one of those unexpected renditions I’d rather hear then never see it be released.

It’s an interesting new mix and production for the layered sound of The Contortionist, but one that fits and one that works. I also like how the phrase “our bones“, or some variation of it, appears in all of the EP’s tracks except for ‘All Grey‘. Just a fun little detail there for ya. Check out this new, wondrous little EP from The Contortionist below:

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