The Contortionist announce new EP, ‘Our Bones’

It feels like forever since The Contortionist released 2017’s ‘Clairvoyant,’ but new single, ‘Early Grave,’ breaks that silence powerfully. 

I honestly don’t know how The Contortionist do it; I just don’t how they’re consistently this fucking good. Dropping yesterday, the American prog-metal masters unveiled the heartfelt ‘Early Grave‘, the first new song from their upcoming EP, ‘Our Bones‘, which arrives August 9th via e-One/Good Fight.

Dedicated to everyone who has shared their story with the band and for those who feel like they’re drowning, The Contortionist have offered another dense, lushly textured prog-metal arrangement with a great message of hope and survival. With punchy guitars, Michael Lessard’s heart-ripping vocals, being heavy right when it needs to be, tasteful but technical playing, awesome pedal effects and backing synths, there’s just so much to musically unpack and absorb.

Couple this with the song’s heavy mental heath theme – the lyric “I know it feels like you’re drowning these days, and I know you question if it’s too late, and my only hope is that you choose to stay” hits scarily hard – and you’ve got another magical, uplifting Contortionist track on your hands. Standing right up there with the likes of ‘Absolve.’

This is one of those stunning musical works that shows precisely why these guys are in a league of their own in the prog right now; standing tall alongside vivid acts like Thank You Scientist, amongst others. ‘Early Grave‘ is a beautiful composition, but I expected no less in the wake of 2017’s wondrous ‘Clairvoyant‘ LP. Safely expect great things from The Contortionist’s next EP.

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