Babymetal officially release ‘Elevator Girl’

Babymetal finally release studio-version of ‘Elevator Girl’. [PC: Digital Beard, Good Things Melbourne 2019.]

In 2018, Babymetal dropped two singles – ‘Distortion‘ and ‘Starlight‘. Yet there was a third, yet-to-be-released track also getting some love, just only at their live shows: ‘Elevator Girl‘. Actually, if you caught them on their Good Things Festival 2019 run, then you have definitely heard this new tune already. Now, the bubbly idol-metal track is finally out into the world and up on streaming platforms everywhere. Meaning that fans are no longer restricted to watching it through blurry phone recordings on YouTube.

Honestly, out of the group’s latest singles, this is my least favourite of the trio. For me, it mostly has to do with ‘Elevator Girl‘ being sung in English, a seldom occurrence for their material. The slightly broken English doesn’t translate all that well when it’s the main language used. Instead, switching between Japanese and English fairs so much better for the band’s sound, as per their last two singles and the hits off their last record, 2016’s ‘Metal Resistance‘.

It’s a little shorter than the length of most Babymetal tracks, and similar to ‘Meta Taro‘, it’s also pretty damn cheesy and poppy too, especially with those jingly keys. However, it’s riffy undertones melding with those cutesy vocal harmonies and major-key demeanour still go a hell of a long way. It still sounds like Babymetal in basic concept and style, just don’t expect anything too heavy or out there.

Anticipate a new Babymetal album later this year.

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