Babymetal Bathe Themselves In ‘Starlight’ With Epic New Track

‘Starlight’ is yet another reason to love Babymetal.

With long-time co-vocalist, Yuimetal (real name Yui Mizuno) since leaving the Japanese idol-metal group after what was already an extended absence from touring, ‘Starlight‘ and the band’s upcoming touring schedules are marking a rebirth of sorts for Babymetal. One in which remaining core members – lead singer Su-Metal (Suzuka Nakamoto) and co-singer Moametal (Moa Kikuchi), both of whom are backed up by the always fantastic Kami Band – will guide their music forward with real ease. Well, that’s if this massive new single is anything to go off!

Following right on the bombastic heels of the wonderfully over-the-top ‘Distortion‘, ‘Starlight‘ shows off each side of Babymetal’s sound, and then pushes them all to higher extremes. For instance, instrumentally, there’s the band’s penchant for djenty guitar lines and insanely groovy sections (see 1:17 on this new bop for some real head-bobbing action); moments here that just cut through so much harder than ever before. Elsewhere, those giant J-pop vocal harmonies and sky-scraping melodies from Su-Metal and Moametal soar louder and higher than anything before in the band’s repertoire. The very same goes for this latest tracks well-layered production and pumping mix. ‘Starlight‘ just balances out the ‘light’ and ‘dark’ tones of the group incredibly well; simultaneously being the poppiest and most emotional Babymetal has ever sounded, but also the heaviest and darkest too. It’s just a really great mixture.

Babymetal, 2018.

Another part of ‘Starlight‘ is how it also plays into the visuals of their last clip as well as the group’s upcoming graphic novel, Apocrypha: The Legend of BABYMETAL. A new release exploring the mythology behind their music, which all ranges from “The Chosen Seven” (AKA, the band themselves), this Fox God entity, time-travel, and supernatural powers. It’s got it all, really. The graphic novel is hitting physical and digital stores come October 30th if that’s more your speed.

Anyway, back to the music now. Basically, all this new song has done is made me even more excited for Babymetal’s debut Australian live run with Good Things this December. In the meantime, if you want a taste of the band’s incredible live production, do check out their recently released live DVD, Legend -S – Baptism XX. And if not, then simply gaze up to the heavens below:


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