Wither Have Their Strings Pulled With ‘Marionette’

Wither grow angrier & darker on ‘Marionette’.

Wither (Belle Haven, Pridelands, ex-Sentinel, Dream On Dreamer) came out swinging back in July with their scorching first single, ‘Nothing To No One‘. It was an explosive first take showing friends, family and new listeners just how fiery they could dement their sound. However, now they’re really kicking shit up another notch with the more extreme take of new single, ‘Marionette‘.

Written and self-produced by Wither, with guitarist/songwriter Jamie Marinos putting his mixing/mastering polish upon it, the first single from the local supergroup’s debut EP, ‘Rot And I‘ (out October 22nd), ‘Marionette‘ stalks like a hyper-aggressive, violent beast from front to back. It reaks of rage and bitterness, armed with monstrous breakdowns, volatile guitars, and one of David De La Hoz’s greatest, heaviest vocal performances to date. (1:49-154: is just insane). What I personally love about this track is that just when you think it cannot get any heavier, it does so yet with such ease. It’s a vehement outpouring of hatred and pain, but it’s not trying to be anything else. It knows that it’s stupidly heavy, and it knows that it’s got attitude, yet it embraces these aspects with real care, actual drive and a penchant for sick riffs. In short, I’m about it!

As per the Crystal Arrow Film-shot music video and the song’s defeated lyrics, the puppet here – the “marionette” – is this new EP’s central character, Tom, as he slowly loses himself to an inner being called Rot. It’s a Jekyll and Hyde, split-personality sort of story, with the monster inside clearly winning more battles than the human host can count. Tom is a soon-to-be-broken man who is now left to miserably clean up in the demons savage wake as he sleeps; fighting a losing battle in the process as Rot takes over at an ever-fastening rate, pulling the strings harder and harder. It’s a grim story, one that’ll be interesting to see working within the conceptual confines of the four other songs housed on the Melbourne quintet’s upcoming debut EP.

Anyway, check out the latest from Wither, as well as some behind the scenes shots – a kind courtesy from photographers Nathaniel Smith and Lachlan Monty – below! Wither’s EP release show for ‘Rot and I‘ goes down Saturday, November 3rd.

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