‘Nothing To No One’: Wither’s Debut Track Is A Scorching Experience

New Australian heavy “supergroup” Wither came storming right out of the gate last week with their aggressive debut single, ‘Nothing To No One’.

Last week, we heard from new local heavy outfit, Wither, as they told us of their intent and excitement of this new joint-project finally taking off from the ground. Featuring members of Belle Haven, Dream On Dreamer, Pridelands, and Sentinel, the quintet’s self-produced and fiery debut single, ‘Nothing To No One‘, is one heavy, angry and punchy-as-hell tune!

The rhythm section of drummer Luke Weber (Dream On Dreamer) and bassist Jeremy Hughes (Sanctify The Serpent, Taurus) stampedes and grooves the song forward, and hard. The band’s guitar duality of Liam Fowler’s solid riff-heavy playing (Pridelands) merges so fuckin’ effortlessly with the brighter, proggier lead work of Jamie Marionos (Sentinel). I seriously felt like I was listening to old melody ideas from that band’s ‘The Primordial Ruin‘ EP, and that’s no bad thing! Whomever the lyrics of “There’s a big difference between self-obsessed and self-inspired” and “You’re not a human being you’re a human doing nothing” were written about is probably feeling pretty small right about now. Speaking of, it’s great to see Belle Haven vocalist David De La Hoz stepping out of his vocal comfort zone with something far heavier and grittier in terms of his delivery. He barely sings here and it’s nice to hear him really unhinge himself and let go.

All up, this is just such a wicked track, and the fact that it’s Wither’s debut release hopefully implies further quality is on the way soon. On that front, the word on the street that I’ve heard lately is that there will be a Wither EP coming later this year. EP, split, series of singles, or even a full-length album, either way, I’m just really keen to hear more!

Even though the song itself decries at one point that “Someday nothing that you say will ever matter anyway“, please do take note of ‘Nothing To No One‘ below. It does matter, trust me.

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