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Liz Giuffre, Journalist

Liz Giuffre

Liz Giuffre is a Sydney-based music and arts writer who's been listening, writing and dancing badly along to music since the late’ 90s. Although she clearly started her career as the Doogie Howser of Australian music journalism (a reference that will give away her age if nothing else), her passion has only sharpened over the years, even if her upper-level hearing range has softened. Just another excuse to get in early for the best position down the front.

A proud member of The Music extended family, Liz also has a 'grown up job' as an academic teaching and writing about popular music and culture at UTS in Sydney, and she also moonlights as a podcaster and archivist for community radio. Someone towards the higher end of the Australian music industry once called her a "Doctor of Pop", but you can just call her Liz. There's also a couple of little music fans who call her 'Mum'. She’s only met Molly Meldrum in the flesh once, and she didn't 'just go in for the hug'. Regret is a powerful emotion.

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