Jacqueline Berthaume, Journalist

Jacqueline Berthaume

Jacqueline Berthaume started as a reviewer and music journalist for coastal street press Forte. She dabbled in copywriting at Channel 9 and has edited a range of titles, from bourgeois Food & Wine, Bridal and Beaty titles at regional rag beast McPherrson Media. She was a regular contributor to Frankie magazine in the early noughties as well as the Cream fashion journal. She moonlit as Founding Editor of Mess•Noise cult Australian music magazine (online and published versions), going head-to-head with J Mag.

She had a warehouse photography studio in Fitzroy for some time, shooting bands, writers, journalists and fashion personalities: Marieke Hardy, Clem Bastow, Bjenny Montero, Peta Calvert, Bachelor of Arts, The Black Cyclists, Mia Timpano and every band who lived in the area at the time.

She’s done short refresher courses in journalism and memoir with Jenny Valentish and Sian Prior at RMIT, and has an advanced Diploma in Professional Screenwriting at RMIT, Swinburne Fine Arts, Film and New Media and NMIT Photography. In recent years, she has been a publicist of TISM’s one unmasked member, Damian Cowell (aka Humphrey B Flaubert), and web designer/online social media assistant to friend and actor Sigrid Thornton.

Jacqueline’s partner is in a bad called Custard. They love going to shows. She loves to review.

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