Album Review: Yellowcard - 'When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes'

5 March 2011 | 1:00 am | Staff Writer

Get used to seeing the name Yellowcard once again.

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I loved Yellowcard when I was younger. I listened the absolute shit out of their breakthrough record “Ocean Avenue” when it came out, but definitely lost interest in the band following their previous two releases. Come 2011, the band is back with their seventh studio album after a two-year hiatus, and is sounding fresher than ever.

The opening track “The Sound Of You And Me” screams Yellowcard at you, as it blasts that familiar sound from the band that fans have become accustomed to over the years. Front man Ryan Key’s vocals are as good as they’ve ever been, and backed by the fast pace of the rest of the band, the album is off to a flying start. The second half of the track sees the band slow things down and Key repeats the lines “Bring walls down, hear all my sound, let me back in, love me again”, which is sure to be a big part in the band’s live shows. “For You, And Your Denial” is the lead single from the album, and after the first listen, it is fairly obvious why. The violin parts by Sean Mackin are at their most prominent during this track, and although it isn’t the strongest track on the album, it does a great job in indicating what you can expect from the rest of the album. The first line chorus “All I can think about is you and me driving with a Saves The Day record on” (I wonder what record they were listening to, I hope it was Through Being Cool) in “With You Around” is definitely the catchiest part of the album, and this song would be a superb choice for a single down the track.

When the band isn’t belting out pop punk anthems on the record, they do a good job of slowing things down for some stripped down, sing-a-long inciting tracks, as seen in the second single “Hang You Up” and “Sing For Me”. These two tracks are the two most accessible tracks on the record, and although they are fairly simple, they could easily be slotted into most current radio playlists. The tracks are placed in ideal positions on the record, as they create a gap between the more aggressive songs, which enables them to shine through.

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Life Of Leaving Home” is one of the more straightforward tracks on the record, and it features the guitars and violins working together better than on any other track on the record. The following two tracks “Hide” and “Soundtrack” are basically what you can expect when you listen to a Yellowcard record, “See Me Smiling” keeps the energy and excitement going until “Be The Young” closes out the record in fine form. The track does an impressive job ending the album, which should leave you feeling satisfied once it’s done and dusted.

Yellowcard have proved that the two-year hiatus was worth it, as “When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes” is the band’s strongest, and most well rounded album since “Ocean Avenue”. I’m sure many people will be doubting the band and wonder what relevance they hold in 2011, but the this album is good enough to prove them wrong, and launch Yellowcard back into being pop punk heroes worldwide.

1. The Sound Of You And Me

2. For You, And Your Denial

3. With You Around

4. Hang You Up

5. Life Of Leaving Home

6. Hide

7. Soundtrack

8. Sing For Me

9. See Me Smiling

10. Be The Young