Album Review: Mount Salem - 'Endless'

28 February 2014 | 9:45 am | Staff Writer

A haunting mix and doom and psychedelic rock that will not soon be forgotten.

Chicago four-piece Mount Salem are bringing psychedelic rock to the forefront. Independently releasing EP 'Endless', it now gets a new face thanks to the band signing across the dotted line with Metal Blade Records. Here we have two new songs as well as revised versions of tracks from the aforementioned EP.

With their ominous brand of doom metal, which includes some unique female vocals in a genre largely filled by males, the band is managing to turn some heads in the metal scene and create something that sets them apart. Not an easy feat.

'Good Times' is an ideal opener, showing a solid vocal range backed by mesmerising guitar work. The whole track sets that ominous and sinister feel that oozes from the EP. Whereas, 'The Tower' continues with this atmospheric, somewhat goth rock feel, while also presenting us with moments that lift up the song.

'Full Moon' is definitely one of the standout tracks. The vocals are haunting and not something to be easily forgotten. The overall template is emotive and reflective of a band using the release to excel. It’s a signature sound that is supported and backed by a consistent musical approach. For this reason, 'Endless' becomes accessible.

Essentially, the whole album is a journey, which highlights Mount Salem's diversity and skills as a band. All the songs leading up to closer 'The End' are enchanting and quirky in their own way. It’s a stepping stone for Mount Salem. They have the label behind them and perhaps the interest. The future is ahead, let’s see what the band comes up with next.

'Endless' manages to pack all the best of Mount Salem's current talents into one album. The group has created a well-rounded and well polished EP this time around. The ominous and haunting vibes throughout are noteworthy and justified. With remastered works and an extra two tracks nothing feels like it is lacking. This EP is a recipe for success.

1. Good Times

2. The Tower

3. Lucid

4. Full Moon

5. Mescaline

6. Mescaline 11

7. Hysteria

8. The End