Album Review: Man Overboard - 'Noise From Upstairs'

2 May 2010 | 10:58 pm | Staff Writer

Run For Cover is onto another winner.

Man Overboard would have to be one of the busiest bands in pop punk right now. After releasing the critically acclaimed “Dahlia” EP last year, the band has also released a split 7” with label mates Transit, and reissued their debut EP with a few bonus tracks. The band’s debut album is set for a June 29 release date, but to tide fans over until then the band has released an acoustic EP titled “Noise From Upstairs”.

The EP’s opening track was released early on the Run For Cover spring sampler giving fans a taste of what to expect from the EP. The song starts off with just the sounds of a guitar and vocalist Nik Bruzzese delivering a solid vocal performance, before the rest of the band chiming in during the second verse of the song. The use of drums on an acoustic EP doesn’t usually appeal to me, but it works really well in this song, building up the songs energy immensely.

The following song “Dylan’s Song” would have to be my personal favourite song on the record, with the song’s chorus easily being one of the catchiest parts of the EP. The vocal harmonies between Bruzzese and the band’s guitarist Zac Eiestenstein are a real strong point for the band, something that many other bands often struggle to achieve. “210B” reminds me of “Tell All Your Friends” era Taking Back Sunday, which definitely isn’t a bad thing at all. This song is a pretty much perfect pop punk song; I can see it becoming a real fan favourite in no time at all. The only disappointing thing about this song is its length. If the song had went for a bit longer it would have made it even better.

The next song “I Saw Behemoth And It Ruled”, apart from having one of the best song names I have seen in a while, the song highlights the band’s ability to write a simple, yet catchy pop punk tune. The song is the slowest song on the EP, and it features some insanely catchy and memorable “woah oh” vocal parts in the chorus. Closing out the EP is “Dear You”. Clocking in at just under three minutes, the track encompasses everything I have grown to love about Man Overboard. The gang vocals at the end of the song send up the EP on a positive note.

When a band releases an acoustic EP it tends to either be really good, or really bad. Luckily for Man Overboard they have gone with the first option and released an EP of a high quality.

The EP is another perfect example of why Man Overboard are one of the best up and coming bands in pop punk at the moment. The band is aiming to tour Australia later in 2010, so support this release and their album when it drops in June.

1. Cry Baby

2. Dylan’s Song

3. 210B

4. I Saw Behemoth And It Ruled

5. Dear You

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