Album Review: Lord Dying - 'Summon the Faithless'

16 June 2013 | 3:08 pm | Staff Writer

Good metal tunes and catchy riffs

Lord Dying, a metal machine out of Portland, Oregon deliver a metal anthem here that fans of the band and genre can (and should) appreciate. It may not be the heaviest thing out there, but Lord Dying have shown they certainly know how to put together good tunes, which has been rightly noticed and evidenced in tours with the likes of Ghost (or Ghost B.C.).

The album wastes no time getting straight to the point as the first song (and title track) begins with power riffs mixed with heavy drum beats to create a catchy, metal tune, which sucks you into the full-length from the very beginning.

The voice we are met with sounds like a mixture of metal and hardcore vocals, a raspy and recognisable scream if nothing else While heavier vocals can be great, the vocal style used throughout this album makes it easy and compelling to sing along.

Transitioning track, 'In A Frightful State of Gnawed Dismemberment' is as metal as anything, the title certainly evidence of such. This song, along with most on the album, really works to shine a light on and emphasise the guitars skills in the band.

You could say, however, the instrumentals throughout the album can come across quite simple. Though it's not only the complexity of these instrumentals that matter, but rather Lord Dying have evidently found the perfect mixture of instrumentals and vocals that showcase many different sounds, including clear elements of doom metal, which are infectious and catchy.

The ending to the album is an interesting one, with a large portion of closer, ’What Is Not.. Is,’ being instrumental, but calmer than all the previous songs. The brutal vocals from the song fade into this two minute long instrumental section, which leaves the ending of the album on an eerie yet inquisitive note.

Lord Dying's album 'Summon the Faithless' showcases some great, catchy metal tunes. It is a bit simple at times with the instrumentals, but the construction of the album, the heavy vocals and the awesome riffs throughout show the potential for their rise within the metal world. Definitely worth checking out if you are into the genre. 

1. In a Frightful State of Gnawed Dismemberment

2. Summoning the Faithless

3. Greed Is Your Horse

4. Descend into External

5. Dreams of Mercy

6. Perverse Osmosis

7. Water Under a Burning Bridge

8. What Is Not...Is

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