Album Review: Laura Stevenson - 'Runner'

18 February 2013 | 12:15 am | Staff Writer

Indie pop at its absolute best.

It’s already hard to deny the immense talent of singer-songwriter Laura Stevenson seen both in her work for Bomb The Music Industry! as well as in her own band Laura Stevenson and the Cans. Her recent solo EP release, Runner, is another prime example of her remarkable song writing ability and additional reminder of just how alluring her angelic vocal musings can be for listeners with a mean musical sweet tooth.

Stevenson swoons in her honeyed female vocals ‘this summer hurts’ repeatedly in the first track ‘Runner’ to the sounds of tambourines and a gentle, unobtrusive drumbeat. ‘Runner’ possesses an idyllic simplicity that, as the title track, determines the mood of the rest of the EP, and distinguishes her solo work from the more complex, full sound found when accompanied by her band, The Cans.

Dialing it down even more, ‘The Fire’ rids of any unnecessary embellishments and leaves listeners with a sound that emphasises Stevenson’s hypnotic melodies that float amongst delicate acoustic guitars and muffled percussion. Although a lot of Stevenson’s discography can be considered to fall under the umbrella of indie pop, it appears that she is leaning more to the realms of folk in her solo work, a calculated choice that fits her vocal and song writing style like a glove.

Slouch’ brings Runner to a melancholy conclusion. Laura’s effortless vocal maturity stands out here, accompanied only by subtle piano – making the final track the most stripped back and raw of the record.

‘Runner’ is an outstanding release for the already well revered Laura Stevenson, who shines just as much in her solo work as she does in her band. Stevenson is the kind of artists who consistently fulfills high expectations, and her solo EP is no exception – being her most enchanting work to date.

1. Runner

2. The Fire

3. Slouch

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