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Album Review: Ghost Atlas - ''All is in sync and there’s nothing left to sing about''

10 November 2017 | 2:00 pm | Staff Writer

Jesse Cash's first solo record is a solid one!

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Better known for his soaring vocals and blazing guitar leads in ERRA, Jesse Cash has stepped out on his own for a full-length album under the moniker, Ghost Atlas. His new record, ‘All is in sync and there’s nothing left to sing about’ sees Cash taking a far more personal approach to his writing and his production. 'All is in sync and there’s nothing left to sing about’ is the genuine Cash; showing his emotions and life experiences in their most natural form.

In a PR statement, Cash said that: "The freedom of total independence is super gratifying. It showcases a protective spirit towards the integrity of the music and general creative direction, as well as a more personal feeling of getting your music directly from the musician." And that's the real core of this new work.

The opening track, ‘Cry Wolf’ is an exciting and upbeat start to 'All is in sync...’. You become enveloped in this opening song quickly and are spell bounded by its catchy rhythm. If you are a drummer, this track is especially enjoyable, as you'll no doubt find yourself uncontrollably tapping your feet and brashing your hands away to the song's beat. At the track's highest peak towards the end, there is a trippy ten-second guitar solo that transports you to somewhere distant and futuristic. In a way, this track acts as a set-up to the main ideas that Cash expresses on the wider album, with the lyrics describing some of the dangers that come with pursuing, well, anything in life.

The following track maintains this same momentum, but exists almost as a transition to what many are considering to be the real highlight of this record - ‘Legs’. There's a flair for mainstream success in this track and this sweetly aggressive tune demonstrates Cash’s whimsical vocal range and skilful production the best. Its reminisce of the angsty tunes we all used to listen to as teenagers but in a far more progressive way; the emotionally unstable, acne-riddled adolescent that exists inside of us all has now developed beyond past those growing pains and has to deal with issues that are a lot more confronting. An interesting component here is the lyrics and how they're written in the second-person, which directly places the listener within the song's journey. As Ghost Atlas, Cash constantly describes the idea of self-improvement and how it can be achieved through an abandonment of certain people in your life. Even those who we consider our closest allies can sometimes be the ones to pull us away from our true potential. In tracks like ‘Badlands’ and ‘NightDrive Cash tells of this ‘fast car’ where "the engine is running and not running on empty" to show this idea of continuous growth.


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As you travel further into this album, all of the tracks maintain a consistent pace, which is super gratifying. However, a more energetic tempo does not arrive until ‘Mirror Room.’ Another standout, this song completely catches you by surprise with its lively tempo. At this point in the record's runtime, it almost becomes necessary to have this faster sound to keep Ghost Atlas's pot boiling. For some people, this will be the fireworks they were anticipating, what with most of the (shall we say), more ‘mainstream’ tracks predominantly featured in Side A of 'All is in sync...’.

Moving towards the end of the record, however, there is a rather rough transition between the aforementioned Mirror Room’, to the soft acoustics of ‘Scouts Honor’. Although an enjoyable track, it feels a little out of place in this sequence. But then comes ‘Rabid Dog’ which quickly bounces you back up to your feet. Its general catchiness, slight pop elements and pulsating electronic drum beats at the end is praise-worthy.

Following this, the album finally settles with its eponymous track. Here, the airy sound and Cash's drawn-out vocals conclude this record beautifully. There is a clear indication of fulfilment as Cash describes how there is simply nothing else to mention; nothing else to ascertain from this record's telling. What was once anticipated in the beginning has now been reached. Everything is now in its place. Everything is in sync. There's nothing left to sing about.

Under the Ghost Atlas name, Jesse Cash offers a thought-provoking musical journey and enables the listener to have a deep (and for some, a very personal) connection with said music as a result of his passion and honesty. I implore you, whenever you have the opportunity to go for a long drive, or at least some time you can spend alone with your own thoughts, chuck 'All is in sync and there’s nothing left to sing about' on. You won't regret it.

  1. Cry Wolf
  2. Vertigo
  3. Legs
  4. Badlands
  5. Fox Rain
  6. Surrogate Lover
  7. NightDrive
  8. Mirror Room
  9. Scouts Honor
  10. Little Shell
  11. Rabid Dog
  12. All is in sync, and there’s nothing left to sing about

'All is in sync, and there’s nothing left to sing about' is out November 17th.