Album Review: Coffins - 'The Fleshlands'

13 June 2013 | 1:46 pm | Staff Writer

A stroll through hell, in a brutal metal way

Coffins, death/doom metal band out of Japan, are certainly known for their heavy, mind destroying riffs and brutal vocals. Their newest album, ‘The Fleshlands’ certainly does not fall short of such an expectation. With three full lengths and countless underground splits and EPs, Coffins have managed to rise out of the underground and create a name for themselves within the metal community.

With one view of the album cover and a read of the title, you can tell you are in for one hell of ride with this album - the first track ‘Here Comes Perdition’ confirms this. The track is a brilliant start to the full-length with its creepy, sludgy instrumental sounds that make you envision being stuck in a swamp somewhere in hell, which leads into classic, heavy guitar riffs and a deep, frightening vocal style.

Next track, ‘Hellbringer,’ is exactly that as it wastes no time diving straight into the heavy, crushing death metal sounds, with the opening of the song being graced by a loud, devilish scream. This kind of sound is present throughout the whole album as Coffins live up to their reputation of bone crushing, horrific yet brilliant sounds and themes with ‘The Fleshlands.’

Within the heavy and dark tones of death metal prevalent in ‘The Fleshlands’ there are also guitar elements, which provide a bit of catchy groove providing more skill and depth throughout the album rather than falling into the trap of repetitive heavy riffs. The end song on the album 'Tormentopia' showcases this perfectly with its more intricate instrumental work and the chanting of the word Tormentopia, which easily manages to stick in your head.

The combination of these deep, demonic sounding vocals, the heavy guitars and the mixture of more complex guitar solos and elements all mix together very well. The heaviness and harshness of this brand of metal may only call for a selected audience, but Coffins have managed to create a metal masterpiece that can be appreciated from fans of all metal genres and maybe wider.

Coffins have managed to make a heavy as hell album that also showcases their musical skills. Listening to the album is like taking a stroll through hell, or 'The Fleshlands,' a good metal way of course. If you like your music loud and heavy definitely check this album out.

1. Here Comes Perdition

2. Hellbringer

3. The Colossal Hole

4. No Saviour

5. The Vacant Pale Vessel

6. Rotten Disciples

7. Dishuman

8. The Unhallowed Tide

9. Tormentopia

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