Album Review: Blueline Medic - '42:19'

25 June 2007 | 11:05 pm | Staff Writer

Blueline come up with the goods again…

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42:19 is Blueline Medic’s first

full length record in a bit over 4 years, and I was more than intrigued

to see what the band had come up with. Between various activities in

the member’s personal lives, Blueline had been MIA for longer than

most fans would care to admit. With 42:19, BM has once again proven

why they are one of our country’s greatest rock bands. 

Kicking off with “Soft Toy”

was a great choice as the song embodies everything that fans have come

to expect from Blueline – great riffs, driving drums and of course,

Donnie’s trademark vocals. 

“Angles” contains one of my

favourite Blueline riffs to date and the chorus is bound to be a live

favourite with a chorus that most bands would kill for. 

I’m not going to run through

the album track by track as every song on 42:19 contributes to the overall

flow of the record, but trust me when I say that you’ll be struggling

to find any filler on here.

My hat goes off to Hadyn and Richard

Buxton as the production on 42:19 is exactly what these songs needed

to breathe. Warm guitar tones and a mix which gives every instrument

the attention it deserves, they couldn’t have done a better job! 

One of the best Australian releases

of 2007

1.Soft Toy

2.Between Toora And Hazelwood


4.Know This One


6.Please Don't Deconstruct

7.Her Reserve

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