Album Review: Attila - 'About That Life'

23 June 2013 | 9:17 pm | Staff Writer

Fun, fast, and heavy.

On 'Leave A Message...,' an interlude track consisting of a staged phone-call to Attila frontman Fronz regarding their new album, 'About That Life,' we hear a label executive saying “You said you were gonna mellow out on this record, and all you’re doing is getting more offensive, I can’t f***ing believe it dude.” Put simply, this sums up the entire record. Attila have never been in this industry for any reason other than partying hard, and having a damn good time, and it shows on their latest release.

The starting track, 'Middle Fingers Up,' kicks off with the lyrics “All right motherf***er listen up, this is for the f***ing homies that are giving no f***s” before giving us a series of bass drops heavy enough to level an entire building, and the tone is set for the entire album. The song is fast, frenetic, and unrelenting, and frankly, the same words could be used to describe almost any song on the album.

Musically, there isn't anything too exciting found here. Often at times, it becomes fairly boring to hear a riff based off an open note, or a bass drop leading into a breakdown for what might feel like the millionth time. However, that isn't to say that there isn't anything here for anyone looking for technical skill, as we do see a bit of it shine through at various moments, particularly in the guitar work of songs such as 'Hellraiser', 'Backtalk', and 'Shots For The Boys'.

Lyrically, it's really obvious the lyrics come from guys who don't really care about anything but partying and having fun. To pull a few examples out, we've got lyrics such as “Tell the haters suck my f**ing cock”, from 'Middle Fingers Up,' “We live our lives above the law, we’re f***ing fearless. F*** everything you say, we’re f***ing fearless.” from 'Hellraiser', or “Everybody hates you, you’re just another f***ing bitch” from 'Backtalk'. The guys do, however, take a moment to get semi-serious on 'Callout,' a song where they take a moment to attack a number of things including artists with no respect for their fans, and homophobia, finishing off with the quote, “Hey Westboro Baptist, f*** you too, protest this dick, faggots!”

If you're looking for the next step in technical skill, you won't find it on 'About That Life,' because Attila aren't the type of band that really look to push the stylistic boundaries of their genre. However, if you're just looking for a fun record to play at the highest volume you can push your speakers, then this is for you!

  1. Middle Fingers Up
  2. Hellraiser
  3. Rageaholics
  4. Backtalk
  5. Leave a Message...
  6. About That Life
  7. Thug Life
  8. Break Shit
  9. Gimmicks and Lie$
  10. Callout
  11. Unforgiveable
  12. Shots for the Boys
  13. Party with the Devil
  14. The New Kings

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