Album Review: Angelas Dish - 'Walk Into The Sky'

26 September 2010 | 11:32 pm | Staff Writer

Angelas Dish are back on track.

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When Angelas Dish released the 'Lie/Die' EP in 2005 it was obvious that this would be a band with longevity, in a scene that had so few. That record was fantastic, there was not a single thing wrong with it, and it quickly gained the band a slew of big name support tours which introduced them to many new fans. After another couple of strong EP's the band released their debut full length 'War On Time' in 2008, which sadly, did not raise them to the heights that many expected. After all of this, the band seemed to drop of the radar for a little while, using the down time to write the songs that would eventually turn into this, their second full length release 'Walk Into The Sky.'

It seems that the break was exactly what the band needed as they sound refreshed and back on their game, with a slightly new sound that lands them somewhere in between Angels & Airwaves and Motor Ace. The album opens with the anthemic Redemption, a song that takes it's cues from Jimmy Eat World, and is easily one of the record's highlights. The staggered drums and harmonised wails help to open the album with strength and beauty. Angelas Dish have always had a very mature style of songwriting and this seems to have been amplified once again. Songs like the shimmering Crash, show off the excellent production, handled by Michael Baskette (Incubus, Story Of The Year), who has made a noticeable difference to the band's sound by giving it a stadium rock feel, mixed perfectly with soft rock moments.

The vocal duties, this time shared evenly by brothers Michael and Joshua Harris, are just one of the strengths of the record, but a very important one. They take the forefront on songs like Rapture, which uses a mix of effects and clean sounds, as well as some truly stand out harmonies. Another highlight is Sorry Lately, driven by an acoustic blues riff which sounds like a Brand New song that has been given the unique Dish twist, the relaxed guitar solo is just another example of the mature changes the band have implemented. The record ends with the acoustic finger-picking of Have You Around which is the base for gentle delayed vocals and a recorded conversation about happiness.

This record is on par with the brilliance of the band's earlier EPs, and features the type of music that will not age quickly and can be enjoyed over and over again. Angelas Dish have returned from their small break refreshed and with one of the best alternative rock albums to come out of Australia in a long time.

1. Redemption

2. You Want Me To Give Up

3. Crash

4. Part Of Me

5. The Valley (Like You Said I Would)

6. More Alien

7. Little Light

8. Rapture

9. Sorry Lately

10. See You In Disneyland

11. Parachute

12. A Where Did You Go

13. Have You Around

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