Album Review: All Pigs Must Die - 'God is War'

21 August 2011 | 8:48 pm | Staff Writer

A filthy dose of intense hardcore.

You know it would be all too easy to piece together the appealing musical elements that make each individual members more notable bands endearing and simply call it a day. Similarly, it would be convenient to rest on the laurels that give All Pigs Must Die immediate respect purely because the outfit boasts key parts of Converge and The Hope Conspiracy equally.

See, debut studio album 'God is War' could go the way of the lazy, uninspired and tedious. Fortunately, there's too much integrity and pride to let this happen. While 'God is War' is not a genre-changing and epic dose of hardcore, it is instead an intense, honest and committed release that stands on its own merits and virtues.

While it shares many similar qualities to that of Converge, The Hope Conspiracy and Bloodhorse, through the agency of off-kilter, driving drum patterns, Entombed-styled riffs and tried and true hardcore rhythms, this full-length stands on its own as well.

By being identifiable fans are engaged, but by offering subtle differences All Pigs Must Die justify any current and future endeavours. 'Death Dealer' is that traditional, mixed tempo affair while 'Sacrosanct' is just down and dirty, sounding like something off an 'Axe to Fall' b-side, with its impressive chops and fast-paced musical momentum.

The tone is raw, angry and bitter and Converge guitarist and renowned producer Kurt Ballou balances those Swedish downtrodden metal elements, with the band's obvious hardcore roots. 'Sadistic Vindicator' slows things down, with title track 'God is War' a good mix of APMD's range.

'God is War' is thrashy, menacing and cares only for the sound itself rather than any scene or genre stereotypes that come with it. Probably the perfect album to listen to when turning your bedroom into a makeshift mosh-pit.

With a line-up boasting the names of Koller and Baker, you pretty much know the music is going to be of a high and often entertaining standard. 'God is War' is an adequate debut that doesn't try to be anything overly grand. Just an honest representation. Should be well-received for what's presented rather than immediately given a pass mark purely because of the individual reputations.

1. Death Dealer

2. Pulverization

3. Sacrosanct

4. God Is War

5. The Blessed Void

6. Third World Genocide

7. Total Extinction

8. Sadistic Vindicator

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