Marmozets – Knowing What You Know Now



Knowing What You Know Now


Roadrunner Records



For Fans Of

Mallory Knox, Lower Than Atlantis.


A must-listen for all Marmozets fans!


80 / 100

Play‘ and ‘Habits‘ have “anthem-in-the-making” written all over them, what with their catchy riffs and huge choruses. They’re both tracks that I feel would be a lot of fun to see being played live and I have no doubt they’ll stay in the band’s live set for a long while yet. Heavy guitars and pounding drums kick off ‘Meant To Be‘ while the intriguing melodies, anthemic chorus and unexpected shouted vocals keep the listener interested. ‘Major System Error‘ is another one of the more upbeat tracks present. With its insanely catchy chorus and high energy, the song seriously impressed me and made me want to check out this record in the first place. The dark, mysterious vibe of ‘Insomnia‘ really intrigued me, and it shows through in vocal performances of Becca McIntyre and the distorted guitars here just adds so much to the piece.

Lost In Translation‘ brings back Marmozets rock influences with hard-hitting instrumentation and harsher vocals. ‘Like A Battery‘ shows-off the chemistry between brother-sister vocalists Becca and Sam McIntyre and shows off just how well both of their vocals blend together; something that’s serviced the band so well over the years. ‘New Religion‘ picks up the record’s pace and includes some great instrumentation, especially the guitar riffs, while the pre-chorus lets Becca’s vocals take the spotlight. The beautiful ‘Me & You‘ is definitely a standout track for ‘Knowing What You Know Now‘ in regards to sound and when I first heard it. I honestly thought it sounded like a different band; it’s a real change from where Marzomets have come from. While definitely different from a lot of songs on here, it seems to fit right in at the same time. It’s a much softer track with more ambient vibes and instrumentation and is seemingly the “ballad” cut of this album. That softer instrumentation gives more exposure to the captivating vocal performances on offer as well.

Suffocation‘ is a contrasting track that’s just more hard hitting from the raw vocals to the grungier instrumentals. It shows the collaboration between the blood-related vocalists of this band once again and has some interesting composition. Then the album’s final track, ‘Run With The Rhythm‘ is just… I mean, wow. What a way to close out this record! It starts out as a softer track instrumentally but the instrumentals gradually build as the song goes on to a grand climax. The vocals on this track are incredible, and the harmonies add even more to it. And I honestly couldn’t think of a better song for this already solid album to close it out with.


Overall, Marmozets’ latest album really impressed me. While it may be slightly different from the direction and sound of their previous records, ‘Knowing What You Know Now’ contains something that every Marmozets fan – whether new or old – will enjoy thoroughly. Do not sleep on this record.


1. Play

2. Habits

3. Meant To Be

4. Major System Error

5. Insomnia

6. Lost In Translation

7. Start Again

8. Like A Battery

9. New Religion

10. Me & You

11. Suffocation

12. Run With The Rhythm

‘Knowing What You Know Now’ is out now. 

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