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Foreign Bodies






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The Black Keys, QOTSA, Royal Blood.


Rock music done right.


80 / 100

There’s something so deceptively simple and approachable about rock music with just vocals, guitars, bass, and drums; something that just cuts right through with catchy lyrics, strong melodies, all with actual passion and honesty behind it all. This is where Queensland’s The Iron Eye, a fine band who deliver the aforementioned rock formula in an immediately likable manner, enter the discussion.

This trio excels at creating great hooks, backed up by well-rounded, swagger-filled rock songs that are devoid of any real gimmicks or fluff. And that’s exactly what they’ve got with their new five track EP, ‘Foreign Bodies‘, which if I’m being honest is either a great title for either an interracial porno, an old National Geographic doco or a really avant-garde European romance film. Take your pick, really.

Anywho, ‘Culpa‘ is first off of the ranks, and look, it’s a good song. But there’s just not much else to say about it, really. It’s a decent song, and perhaps the poppiest of the batch, I just feel that it is rather overshadowed by the four frankly better songs that follow it. In fact, this EP is kinda like a jam doughnut; the closer you get to that creamy centre, the higher the levels of your bliss will go up. As such, next in line is the sing-along inducing lead single, Just Started‘, a song that The Black Keys wish they had written. Well, I mean, maybe not because they’re The Black Fucking Keys and they could literally shit into a microphone, mix and master it with a plebian level DAW like Garageband and it would still be critically acclaimed and sell by the truckloads. But look, you get what I mean here; ‘Just Started‘ is a great track, and it has an even greater music video too (hint hint).

The Iron Eye

We then have the title track to usher us all into the mid-point of the release, and it’s a song that I swear could pass for the score of a James Bond film, especially with those dark and delicious verses. This eponymous song also has some of nastiest, filthiest guitar riffs of the whole EP. Well, that is until we get to ‘Silence‘ but more on that shortly. As for the fourth of these five songs, you have groovy as fuck ‘Where Do You Go‘ and it’s this song that sums up this band and this EP the best; it may not be original in the wider spectrum of rock music but when it’s all written and executed this damn well, it’s rather hard to complain.

Also, the mix behind ‘Foreign Bodies‘ is another point of praise, as it channels this juxtaposition of lively, distorted rock sonics with clean-cut instrumentation and it all works well together. Following this line of thought deeper, there’s a real crisp sense to The Iron Eye’s sound, not just musically speaking with the melodies but also sonically with the high end of the mix, and this contrasts well with the crunchy bass lines, thundering drums, and distortion-tinged vocals of their sound. Of course, the guitar is the core focus of the trio’s music and on many points across ‘Foreign Bodies‘, there’s just one guitar track going, and guess what!? It still sounds ‘full’, it still sounds ‘big’ and it proves that you don’t have to go crazy with your overdubs and go triple tracking every single guitar.

Now, as for the final track, ‘Silence‘ (see, I told you there was more coming), it’s a low-end-heavy, brooding, and dangerous sounding song that is easily the high point of the EP by a country fucking mile. It is not only the longest song on the whole EP but also the heaviest side we see of The Iron Eye and shows the band at their most potent. It’s the easy standout of the five for me and much of that has to do with the pummeling and overly distorted riffs, the subtle moments of feedback, the surging rhythm section, and the vocals that high soar above the gritty, distorted chaos. (You know, for just three guys, they make a lot of bloody noise). Put simply, it’s a bonafide rock banger and it’s fucking great. Cheers.


Look, I’ve said all I needed to say above about ‘Foreign Bodies’, a release of which should be putting The Iron Eye on anyone’s radar who even remotely considers themselves a lover of rock music. Or just music in general, really. With only five songs there is, of course, the double-edged sword of this EP never overstaying it’s welcome, and as petty of a criticism as it is, I just cannot help but wish there was so much more for me to lap up like the greedy twat that I am.


  1. Culpa
  2. Just Started
  3. Foreign Bodies
  4. Where Do You Go
  5. Silence

‘Foreign Bodies’ is out November 18th. Also, ‘Silence’ is heavier than many actual fully fledged metal bands. Like, what the actual fuck!? 

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