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If These Trees Could Talk, Pity Sex, My Bloody Valentine.


Well, it's nice, I guess.


55 / 100

The Unset are a band. I am a writer. They put out an EP called ‘Polymer’. I am going to review that EP. But first, an obligatory intro.

The way The Unset was described to me was ‘shoegazey post-rock’ and so naturally my jimmies rustled up. Shoegaze and post-rock are brilliant genres in and of themselves, but shoegaze post-rock? A combination of two very ethereal and dream-like genres into one sounded like utter bliss! I pictured it in my mind as the EP downloaded onto my computer. The sound of lush, chorus-laden and distorted guitars with a tremolo melody screeching in the back over drums with too much reverb and bass chords running through more muff then the Porn Hub front page – but that’s not what I got on ‘Polymer’.

Polymer’ is more or less just a decent rock record with some noisy guitars. That’s not a bad thing. I fuck with bands like If These Trees Could Talk and And So I Watch You From Afar heavily it’s just…well, let’s just jump into the review, shall we?

Opener ‘Chad’ is easily the best song on the release. It’s got some hectic guitar tones that sound like freakin’ blenders filling out the majority of the song with a lovely screeching lead to pull the song along. The track is messy in all the best and most beautiful ways with some soaring vocals to tie it all into a nice little bow. The slightly softer middle section helps to break up the main meat of this seven-minute track and lets it all flow rather nicely between itself. It’s a great song, but once ‘Chad‘ ends is where the EP comes up short sadly.

The next two songs are nice. But that’s it. They’re just nice. They aren’t anything to particularly marvel at or be astounded by. They’re just some nice rock songs. Well, ‘Murmur’ is at least solid, what with its loud and crunchy intro and chorus, whereas ‘Solipsism’ starts off slightly indie before it layers the distortion on for its second half. They’re good tracks but when I listen to them I feel nothing. I don’t feel any real sense of emotion from these songs for they themselves feel kind of uninspired and lacklustre.

The closing song of ‘Bigger Than Half The Sky’ is most certainly the weakest track on offer. It follows suit of the previous two songs, feeling somewhat dull as it extends into eight minutes worth of music. It’s got all the hallmarks of a good rock song but it falls incredibly short in its actual delivery, seemingly reaching for the mark but missing it entirely. It doesn’t have any real clincher moments that brings you right in to say, “Yeah, I can get down to this.”


All in all, ‘Polymer’ isn’t bad. But that’s just it. It isn’t bad but it’s not that great either. In no way shape or form am I moved, emotionally, spiritually or physically by these songs here despite the fact they are somewhat enjoyable. ‘Polymer’ is just a nice rock record.


  1. Chad
  2. Murmur
  3. Solipsism
  4. Bigger Than Half The Sky


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