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Best. Trip. Ever.


85 / 100

While I may be straight edge, the debut album from psychedelic Melbourne trio, Pretty City, almost makes me want to go out and do a butt load of entry level psychedelic drugs. Well, almost. I mean, I wouldn’t want to come off like a giant poser, now would I? 

Any-fucking-who, as far as fuzzy, psychedelic indie rock goes, this trio’s debut album ‘Colorize’ isn’t that original or game-changing of an album. But I’ll be absolutely damned if it’s still not a great record in of itself!

Each and every song of this 11-track release carries with it such sonic depth and vibrant tone colors that you’ll be getting lost within the space of your headphones or monitors with real ease. I’d actually recommend listening to this record with eyes closed, as at times the mindful visions the music summons up is akin to the visual assault of colors that David Bowman witnesses at the end or 2001: A Space Odyssey. Or, at the very least, the audio-visual waves from the Xbox 360’s old music player when put in full-screen view. What I’m trying to say with those rather wanky comparisons is that ‘Colorize‘ is one immensely aesthetically pleasing listen and one that you should really just kick back with at the end of a long day and bathe yourself in.

The soaring, reverb-soaked vocals fittingly match the surging, fuzzy guitars that envelop your ears in a wondrously warm manner. The rumbling distorted bass lines and tight groove-heavy drums help to bolt everything down, and their placing in the mix prevents the fellow instrumentation from floating away into some abstract, melodic cosmos. Of course, while the music never becomes crazily intricate, the all-around tight and simple instrumentals and their potent delivery allow for the band’s damn fine songwriting abilities to shine through.

But okay, sure, the album and its mix can both get a bit washy at times, what with all of it’s varying ambiances but I feel that that only adds to the band’s lively feel. It definitely isn’t to the album’s detriment. After all, this is one of those record, that from its very inception, was mainly intended for the analog world and even through digital formats, it still translates exceptionally well! In fact, I am really struggling to fault this release, and it comes with many a standout track.

Such as the soft, ambient soundscape that is ‘[Deft]’, which is a beautiful, mid-point respite from the fuzziness and distortion of the record. Speaking of which, ‘Melt’ is a terrific, engaging introduction to Pretty City’s debut album and it enticingly invites you down the band’s musical rabbit hole so well. Likewise, the almost Violent Soho-sounding ‘Part Of Your Crowd’ (excluding the vocals) is a huge standout, and alongside ‘Mary Go Round‘, has easily the best lead guitar part of the whole record. Whereas the hazy, dream-like melodies of ‘Ignoring My Friends‘ is a near-perfect end for ‘Colorize‘ as one could ever receive. It’s a soft, mid-tempo relaxing piece of serenity, like the one you get after a loud, raging storm.

Now, this album never comes across off as “deep, hard listening” and as it isn’t some giant conceptually progressive effort, it’s going to be easy for some to write this one off (i.e. the snobs). But I really feel that those individuals will really miss out on  fantastic Australian release in doing so. Yeah, it’s simple, solid psychedelic-rock, but it’s been executed so fucking well that I challenge you to not smile and nod along while listening.

Now, where the shit did I put my tie-dye shirts, aviator glasses, and Bob Marley cap?


Please see the above. Cheers.


1. Melt

2. Running Around

3. Mary Go Round

4. Second Hand Clothes

5. [Deft]

6. Part Of Your Crowd

7. Fun Machine

8. Feel The Colour

9. Leave It Alone

10. [Feeding Frenzy]

11. Ignoring My Friends

Check out the sonic beauty that is ‘Colorize’ right here

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