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Dying Light


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Your Demise, The Ghost Inside, Motionless In White.


With artists like Coves around, it looks like the Adelaide music scene really isn’t doing too bad for itself.


70 / 100

By all accounts, the new EP by Adelaide outfit Coves shouldn’t be as good as it is. At times, it’s very typically metalcore and melodic hardcore, following formulas established by bands characteristically signed to Rise Records to a T. But ‘Dying Light‘ (which is also the name of a great video game, by the way) definitely does not possess the qualities of something that’s hard to listen to. While some tunes will prompt you to get out your mosh shorts (see ‘Sleeping’), others will force you to sit in awe as you marvel at the experimentation and creativity these musicians display. That dynamism really is what makes this release great.

While the EP clearly defines its influences, it does so in a tribute-like manner, rather than copy-cat, manner. The formula of unclean verses and clean choruses is utilised to an extent, recalling the earlier material of artists like Motionless In White. But the use of that standard method isn’t exhausted, thankfully. Instead, it delves into styles that sound like La Dispute has united with Your Demise (namely on ‘Could’ve, Would’ve‘), and atmospheres that capitalise on the badass effects of filthy, dirty guitars, and timing changes that might just break your neck if you’re set on headbanging too hard all the way through,

Thematically, ‘Dying Light isn’t blazing any new trails for heavy music, but it is re-exploring some fundamental ideas that are resiliently relatable and that solicit empathy inevitably. There are genuinely tragic moments found here and there are concepts of a personal battle with the influence of others, and the losing of who you used to be in the process of your maturity. If you zoom in too closely, expect to get a little shaken.


It’s delightful to see a smaller, lesser known band absolutely kill it on an EP release. If you’re into feeling really satisfied with your musical diet, go give this one a scope. Obviously, there are areas that could be cleaned up and refined, but it’s not anything that can’t be fixed as the quality of the band’s output will hopefully continue to improve over time. With artists like Coves around, it looks like the Adelaide music scene really isn’t doing too bad for itself.


1. Sleeping

2. Dying Light

3. Bad Habit

4. Could’ve, Would’ve

5. Underground

6. Helpless

‘Dying Light’ is out now. Be cool and stream it/buy it here

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