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So long, and good luck.


75 / 100

Goodbyes are hard, even if they are by design. However, just because it’s your swansong doesn’t mean you have to go quietly, and let’s be frank, Weekend Nachos were never going to that anyway.

Apology’ is rather esoteric in meaning, as it’s the fans that should be grateful for the impressive music that has been afforded to our ears. Considerations of the title aside, the final record is a solid curtain call. But, once more, you already anticipated as much.

There is something admirable about a band that doesn’t yield to external pressure, at any moment in their career. In a music industry where bands are micromanaged to the point that it wouldn’t surprise you if labels had a say in what TV shows and books band members consumed, it’s always refreshing to see a group, when it’s all said and done, able to say (in the paraphrased words of Frank Sinatra), ‘We did it our way’.

Forget hype. Hype is just a silly word often convened by these same labels to compensate for a band’s lack of ability. Weekend Nachos had the formula (and mentality) set early on, and ‘Apology’ is a reflection of an outfit going out while they still have a few punches left to throw.

Previously released track ‘Dust’ (featuring Full Of Hell’s Dylan Walker) is well placed as the second serving. What it achieves is highlighting the intensity and effort to come. Unlike some novels, where seven chapters in you’re still scratching your head for any semblance of plot, Weekend Nachos spell it out for you initially, and if it’s not for you, then you know where to find the door.

It’s tougher to distinguish each song in terms of strength and passion, as it’s hardcore and it’s Weekend Nachos, all songs contain these traits. ‘All’ moves along at a steady pace, only for proceeding track ‘Judged’ to move into a higher gear. ‘N.A.R.C’ is a bouncy song, if ever there was one, and ‘POW MIA’ gives you every chance to pick yourself back up, but with riffs this dense you know you couldn’t even if you so desired.

Perhaps the only surprise is the closer (and, title track), which comes in at just under 10 minutes in length. Heck, Agoraphobic Nosebleed could cover 20 albums in that span of time. However, if Converge can conclude their magnum opus, ‘Jane Doe’, with an 11 and a half-minute serving then Weekend Nachos have every right to as well. Pianos mix with distortion, ensuring the Illinois contemporaries sign off in the same manner as everything that preceded this last album. Well done, lads.


George Costanza once endeavoured to go out on a high note. “Showmanship, George. When you hit that high note, you say goodnight and walk off,” says Jerry. Well, Weekend Nachos have concluded their stint in a consistent and purposeful way. Goodnight, thanks for coming…


1. 2015
2. Dust
3. Fake Political Song
4. All
5. Judged
6. Dog Shit Slave
7. Writhe
8. N.A.R.C.
10. World Genocide
11. Eulogy
12. Night Plans
13. Apology

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