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Tired Of Tomorrow


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"I want to dream."


75 / 100

In the same manner as taking your first sip of beer, or in the way you often hear athletes observe the difference between a jump from the minor leagues to the majors is stark, the style of music Nothing play is a matter of acquaintance.

To unaccustomed ears, this type of music – where emotion is always the rule, never the exception – songs can feel somewhat self-indulgent, and perhaps moody simply for the sake of being moody. However, it’s a matter of reference and understanding. Once you become familiar with Nothing’s music you can appreciate the charm, and then absorb it in a worthwhile, impressionable and intended way.

Moreover, we also understand that this genre of music can also be a tad deterring for an outsider looking in. An outsider, though, that would much rather be inside where the drinks are plenty and the music is fine.

You know the listener stereotypes that are attached to this music. The middle-class suburbanites that wear their best (or rather, most tarnished) flannel shirts and rolled up jeans, and wallow in their own perceived ills that neither truly affect them nor require any worry. This is no fault of the band, of course. Importantly, we’re here to tell you to forget that bias and just enjoy what is offered, as Nothing have delivered an important album in 2016.

Tired Of Tomorrow’ is an anticipated sophomore release for the Pennsylvanian lads. That pocket of the east coast certainly has an impressive thing going at the moment. Similarly, it has been a significant year for the folks at Relapse, too. Seven Sisters Of Sleep, Magrudergrind, and an upcoming record from Weekend Nachos. Keep ‘em coming.

There’s a hopeful disposition to the collection of tracks here. Opener ‘Fever Queen’ lets the cymbals introduce the tone before giving way to a gentle, emotional front, which is Nothing’s modus operandi throughout. The rhythms almost have that blissful motif that made Deafheaven’s ‘Road To Judah’ so comforting. Albums, though, elicit different responses and are best enjoyed in different ways. Specifically, ‘Tired Of Tomorrow’ evokes feelings of the past, or perhaps desires for the future. Ok, maybe it is, like the early assertions, a little self-indulgent, but in the best possible way.

That delay and heavy use of the foot pedals are still employed, but the band seems less concerned with shoegaze on this occasion. It’s this attempt at variety that gives the four-piece renewed purpose. And hey, they do say variety is the spice of life, right? Whether it’s the crisp hi-hats found in ‘Nineteen Ninety Heaven’ or the acoustic presence of ‘Everyone Is Happy’, the group provides more than just the same chords and distortion. The respective members have emerged from genres and scenes that are larger than the sum of Nothing’s parts. Having this knowledge of everything from metal to punk, to alternative and shoegaze, gives the band greater insight. And yes, we know certain members have previously found themselves in less than savoury situations, but we’re concerned with the current music that is presented for the purposes of this review.

Overall, the earlier section of the record is more engaging. Single ‘Vertigo Flowers’ represents this well. While, the album’s title track (and closer) represents the latter half best. It’s almost like some form of musical dirge, which reminds us not to get too comfortable with our optimistic mindsets.


A swaying, temperate but never passive album, ‘Tired Of Tomorrow’ sees Nothing pushing for something more than just simple consistency. We can’t listen to blast beats and guttural growls all day. The Rolling Stones were, in fact, right,”if you try sometimes, you might find; you get what you need.” Maybe this is the change of pace you didn’t know you wanted, but perhaps always needed.


1. Fever Queen
2. The Dead Are Dumb
3. Vertigo Flowers
4. ACE (Abcessive Compulsive Disorder)
5. Nineteen Ninety Heaven
6. Curse Of The Sun
7. Eaten By Worms
8. Everyone Is Happy
9. Our Plague
10. Tired Of Tomorrow

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