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Rust Proof, Crowned Kings, Lionheart


Short and heavy - just how we like 'em.


75 / 100

Brevity is really the name of the game for this latest release – the sweet debut EP, ‘Cursed‘ – from Perpetrator.

Engineered and mixed by Troy Brady at Eleventh Records and with ex-Defeater guitarist Jay Maas mastering this release, a lot of talent and skill went into this EP behind the scenes, but all of that counts for jack squat if the band themselves don’t deliver the goods in the form of you know, good songs. And oh, this band has delivered here.

The Brisbane four-piece doesn’t have an original sound by any means but good God, that don’t mean that this is shite. Cause it ain’t. EVERYTHING here is nothing new for the hardcore genre, so yes it’s generic but much like say, the new Hatebreed album just because it doesn’t reinvent the wheel isn’t a sign of a bad release. Because there’s a reason that we still use wheels on our cars and why hardcore hasn’t changed all that much over the past few years – when it is done right, it just feels and sounds so good.

Opener ‘Bow Out‘ sets the pace and tone well as a rather typical hardcore song and is the longest running song at a whopping 2:38, then ‘Fast World‘ lives up to its name by being, you guessed it, fast and ferocious. This is a true circle pit jam if there ever was one. Then there’s the punishing, chug-heavy ‘Morality Check‘ and finally, this EP’s equivalent of Randy Savage – Sinking In‘. This is easily the best of the four tracks on offer, if just for that final section alone. Seriously, ‘Sinking In‘ is an absolute banger.

Now, only having four tracks means that this EP clocks in around the eight-and-a-half minute mark. After all, ‘Bow Out‘ is only two and a half minutes long and that’s the longest song. Now, there are a lot of things one could do in about eight minutes, and whatever it is (hey, we won’t judge, it’s a free country), you may as well throw ‘Cursed‘ on as it’s some damn good fun. Hopefully, we’ll see a follow-up release later this year or early next.


With not only good songs, good production (which cannot be fucking understated with this genre) and some damn solid riffs and beats, Perpetrator’s newest EP may indeed be short, but it’s punchy and like Rust Proof and Crowned Kings, they are just on that extra level up compared to a lot of other local acts. Cursed? More like blessed, amirite!? We’ll show ourselves out…


1. Bow Out

2. Fast World

3. Morality Check

4. Sinking In

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