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It is a truth universally acknowledged that Into It. Over It. is a project that can be considered a pioneer of the ’emo revival’. And what have Into It. Over It. done to earn that badass title? Well, kind reader, they’ve made kickass albums like these.

Standards’ is the third full-length from Into It. Over It., a.k.a. Evan Weiss, and definitely lives up to the expectations set by its predecessor releases. It boasts sparkling acoustics like its opener ‘Open Casket’, which is mellow and relatable with self-deprecating admissions like “just like always, I’m just a mess”. Bittersweet but relaxing enough that you can skip your meditation session, softer tunes like ‘Your Lasting Image’ can be described as both chill and chilling. If you’re a fan of Dan Campbell’s Aaron West And The Roaring Twenties project, execute a scope of ‘Bible Black’ and try not to have a feels-fest. We dare you.

This record isn’t all-the-way acoustic, which will give you an opportunity to recall 2000’s emo techniques and darker mixings. Listeners will enjoy when cute, fantasy songs like ‘Old Lace & Ivory’ transition suddenly into tracks where drums lay down the law with a full-force like ‘Adult Contempt’. It’s easy to differentiate these tunes of understated production, identifying ‘Standards’ as an offering of individuality and consequently, quality.  Don’t worry if you’re not a Weiss fan, and you weren’t anticipating it with nervousness and excitement: this LP will sneak up on you at 1am when you’re in a sombre mood and you’re looking to discover something new. And when it does, you might cry. We recommend the alternative: celebrating the fact that you don’t need to express your emotions, because Into It. Over It. has done that for you.


We’re so into Evan Weiss’s solo project that we might just never get over it. Be patient with this album: if it doesn’t resonate with you on the afternoon of a really good day, it might catch you off guard on the night of a pretty awful one. There are few musicians that have their craft so honed.


1. Open Casket
2. Closing Argument
3. No EQ
4. Vis Major
5. Your Lasting Image
6. Old Lace & Ivory
7. Adult Contempt
8. Required Reading
9. Bible Black
10. Who Are You ≠ Where You Are
11. Anesthetic
12. The Circle Of The Same Ideas

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