Maricopa Wells – Places To Land


Places To Land






For Fans Of

Catfish and the Bottlemen - Mayday Parade - Young Guns


Unleashed potential.


70 / 100

The new Maricopa Wells album can be described using one term: rock. The kind of rock that would fit among a ‘classic love songs’ special on a Dads music channel, but also the shade that belongs on a playlist snugly between Young Guns and All Time Low.

The orientation towards that style of music is the foundation of this record. Instrumentals are explorational, even from early tracks like ‘Place to Land’, not just using the traditional guitars/drums/vocals starter kit. ‘When We’re Dust’ strays to country undertones, while closer, ‘On Your Shoulders’, edges towards punk, particularly in the skramz-like sincerity of its vocal delivery.

As it should be, this album expresses its fair share of light and dark. Greyer moments on the album include ‘Steady Dissolve’, what with its disconcerting drums and sobbing guitar tones, and the hollowed out ending of ‘Sometimes’. Aside from that, this LP has some bangers for your moping playlist (we know you all have one). ‘Wrecking Ball’ (not Miley, it doesn’t even sound like Miley, stop thinking of Miley) is a Mayday Parade, almost Ed Sheeran-esque bundle of authentic emotion. ‘Pray On My Own’ has twinkling pianos and teary eyes, literally, dominating its subject matter.

Though the lyrics aren’t always as original as we’d like them to be, this is, overall, a solid album. The dimension of its songs is a trait for other bands to envy; Maricopa Wells deftly craft an effort that comes across as unquestionably strong and integrous, a characteristic that enables them to earn their place in our little scene niche.


Most bands make a name in the Australian music scene from a metalcore or indie perspective. It’s a bold move to come in from the way of rock and be successful without giving in to using another genre as a method of reaching an accessible fanbase. But that’s the reason Maricopa Wells works: this band isn’t trying to ‘reach a market’. Maricopa Wells have crafted a sincere rock record that’s unapologetic and ballsy, in the attitude of Aussie contemporaries like Luca Brasi and The Smith Street Band,  but not through a sound imitating them.


1. Intro

2. Place to Land

3. When We’re Dust

4. Twist and Wind

5. Wrecking Ball

6. Pray on My Own

7. Peace in the Inside

8. Off the Wheel

9. Steady Dissolve

10. Sometimes

11. On Your Shoulders

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