Endless Heights – Teach You How To Leave


Teach You How To Leave


Uncle M / Anchors Aweigh Records



For Fans Of

Break Even, Sheltered, Vices


The heights that this band can reach are…. endless. YEEEEEEAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!


90 / 100

It’s been well over two years since Endless Heights graced our ears with any new material, but this new EP has definitely been worth the wait, and it should help to push the boys even further into the minds of the world. Sure, ‘Teach You How To Leave may just be four songs and about 12 minutes long, but it’s easily one of the more memorable EPs of the year. Remember – quality over quantity.

This release is just brimming with a pure melodic punk/hardcore sound that’s rounded off with a shit ton of dynamic ambience and some really strong post-rock influences. All four songs weave between these two varying soundscapes of raw, fast sections and wondrous instrumentals to create something really special, with the best example of this being the title track (which is way more in tune with older songs like ‘Coral Castle’). However, it’s all immensely seamless and natural and, as the band play with such conviction and heart, it never feels tacked on or like they aren’t giving it their all every second.

Much like their debut album, ‘New Bloom’, the band has again found the perfect balance of their influences to create a beautiful EP, but one that you can also stage dive to and get plenty of mic grabs out of, like on ‘Haunt Me’ and ‘Whisper’. Basically, everything about the band’s sound is so wonderfully nuanced and dynamic, but of all the instrumentation, the guitars are easily the big standout in this regard. But one can’t forget the vocals of Joel Martorana are all filled with unbridled passion and honesty, and that only reinforces the sweet, sweet music that much more.

Probably the best part about this EP is that you just know that this will all sound fucking brilliant in the live setting, as Endless Heights usually tend to be. Don’t sleep on this one.


Endless Heights have released yet another banging EP. ‘Teach You How To Leave’ has the same issue that the band’s breakthrough EP, ‘Lady Wisdom’, had; it’s a superb release that you just wish was a full-length so you could experience and enjoy it for longer. Alas, that’s a small criticism when the music’s this goddamn good, and after all, less is indeed more. Again folks, don’t sleep on this one.


1. Haunt Me

2. Whisper

3. Teach You How To Leave

4. Alabaster

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