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Metanoia has the makings of a trademark metalcore album channeling the influences of bands such as Amity and ABR.


80 / 100

Sydney based metalcore act For All Eternity have been grinding away at the underground scene since 2008, but have recently found new life through Facedown Records, which the band has teamed up with for the release of  their latest album ‘Metanoia’.

From atmospheric beginnings, For All Eternity’s ten-track LP catches you from the get go. The whole album has overtones of a spacious atmosphere to it, not only does it grab you but it gives you room to breathe. This is a record that you can enjoy all the way through without feeling overwhelmed, which can be a challenge in genres such as metalcore that are often heavily criticised for being uninteresting, or containing little variation or dynamics between songs. Fortunately, For All Eternity are able to break free from the constraints of the genre and deliver a solid album that reminds us why we fell in love with metalcore in the first place. While ‘Metanoia’ is nothing unheard before, or even anything new, it is definitely a solid arrangement of metalcore tunes. The band has blended the influences of Australian peers with an original melodic metalcore sound featuring subtle traces of modern hardcore.

Thankfully, For All Eternity have successfully blended their influences into the music drawing comparison to bands like The Amity Affliction, Parkway Drive and even August Burns Red. ‘Metanoia’ is contemporary with a much needed edge, whether it be unexpected technical solos, crushing guttural vocals or even the electronic programming that is present throughout the album. Put simply, there is not much to hate about this full-length. Instrumentally it delivers competently, featuring beefy guitars that crunch in every track, through mass distortion or eerie clean tones and even surprising solos such as the one featured in ‘Unharness‘. Vocally, the album dominates – harsh vocalist Shane Carroll delivers a significant vocal performance sounding suitably brutal, especially on ‘White Flame’, which kicks the record back into overdrive after a clean sung ballad. Guest vocalists, including For Today’s Mattie Montgomary and Kyle Tomosaitis, formerly of Burden of the Day, bring a welcomed and added spark to the release. Lyrically, ‘Metanoia‘ has religious themes and while it may scare some off, rest assured the lyrical content and value of the album is much more than just a token Christian album – everyone can resonate with the themes of facing one’s inner demons. 


For All Eternity are a welcomed addition to Australia’s growing catalogue of solid upstart talent. ‘Metanoia’ is a testament to this point. The album features dynamic, polished production and serves as an overall effective does of local metalcore. While it is still a genre full of copycat bands and stale tracks, ‘Metanoia’, while admittedly nothing new, should catch wind within the Australian metal scene.


1. Remove The Pulse

2. Break Of Dawn

3. Further From Hate

4. The Divide

5. Mountainside

6. Unharness Ft. Mattie Montgomery

7. Metanoia

8. Stitched The Same Ft. Kyle Tomosaitis

9. White Flame

10. Awaken The Heart

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