Dan Cribb & The Isolated – As We Drift Apart


As We Drift Apart


Pee Records




For Fans Of

The Swellers, Neck Deep, The Story So Far


Safe, predictable pop punk.


55 / 100

Pop punk isn’t a genre known for its innovation. Unfortunately, Dan Cribb & The Isolated’s debut album ‘As We Drift Apart‘ suffers as a result of pigeonholing themselves within the hook-dependent scene. The influences and presence of The Swellers’ Nick Diener on the album are obvious, with each song featuring simple riffs a plenty. Cribb’s vocals imitate the typical nasal delivery that characterises many similar acts, but his Australian accent makes each effort, unfortunately, sound like he’s trying too hard.

Even in the earlier moments, the album feels repetitive. This issue is rife throughout ‘As We Drift Apart, and is its most disappointing flaw. ‘The Only One’ and ‘Changes’ open in the exact same manner, bar a slight timing change. Although there are conventions that they can be forgiven for sticking to, the same riff structure and drum beat become tiring when they’re used in over half of the album’s 11 tracks.

Not for a lack of listening to the entire album thoroughly, but it’s hard to overly praise an act when each song bleeds into another. When the rhythm changes up – ‘The Feeling’ starts out promising – there’s a glimmer of promise that things will change, but the band returns to the comfortable confines of each previous song.

A change in dynamics would have been a welcome breath of fresh air, but the album ends up feeling claustrophobic by staying in a confined register.


It’s disappointing that ‘As We Drift Apart’ feels so safe, as there’s a distinct lack of genuine pop punk in the Australian music scene. With many bands focusing on going heavier and heavier rather than writing catchy, breezy melodies, it’s a shame that what sounds promising on paper doesn’t stand up on record.


1. The Last Time
2. Return To Sender
3. Let’s Move To New York
4. Just Like You
5. The Only One
6. The Feeling
7. Drive All Night
8. Changes
9. Words
10. The Brightest Spark
11. Fall Apart

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