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70 / 100

UK outfit Young Guns have two traits fundamental for any band’s success in alternative rock: the sound and the edge. It’s not too often that a band rises to the challenge of continuing to produce tracks arrogant enough to present themselves as anthemic and emotional enough to ring true. Young Guns have done it with flying colours.

‘Rising Up’, the name of the opener of new album ‘Ones And Zeros’, is pretty representative of what these guys are doing. Its chorus is big, with an instrumental mix as a boosting pad. The songs on this album are huge, and this one in particular sounds like the theme song on a sports channel. ‘Lullaby’ starts softer and is more dynamic (hot tip: listen loud for full effect), and it’s extremely well crafted. ‘Colour Blind’ has a more interesting song structure than its counterparts, and the better moments on the album are definitely when Young Guns decide to do something different. Another example of that is ‘Die On Time’, a slower, softer and cuter but not-your-typical-acoustic track.

Having said that, the LP isn’t particularly trailblazing, and that’s enough to count as a turn-off for some. ‘I Want Out’ doesn’t have too much to it lyrically, apart from making you bitterly roll your eyes and mumble ‘true’ to the exasperated focus ‘if this is love baby, I want out’. ‘Memento Mori’ sounds a little like The Academy Is…with more effects, and is also a track where the lyrics don’t have a huge impact. However, components to this LP like ‘Infinity’’s intriguing tempo change and the striking lead guitar on ‘Daylight’ offer redemption.

Another aspect of this album worth noting is that tapping your foot is the least you can do when listening. Its pop-founded nature is infectious and contagious and frankly, it’ll make you want to dance. If that’s all you can take away, it’s worth it.


This is a mainstream rock album, with all the desired elements: big choruses, catchy, radio-friendly hits and relative lyrics. It’s very poppy, à la The Maine and co., and cheesier than a margherita. If you’re into that (let’s not deny it), eat your heart out.


1. Rising Up
2. I Want Out
3. Infinity
4. Memento Mori
5. Lullaby
6. Daylight
7. Speaking In Tongues
8. Colour Blind
9. Gravity
10. Die On Time
11. Ones and Zeros

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