King Parrot – Dead Set



Dead Set


Nervegas/EVP Recordings




For Fans Of

Municipal Waste, Pantera, Down, Converge.


Be the child your parents always wanted & get this album.


80 / 100

King Parrot are weird and funny, and they probably rarely use the dunny. They couldn’t take care of their pets, as they were too busy writing their new album, ‘Dead Set’. It’s fast and it’s heavy, and your grandparents probably find it ‘scary’. This album is definitely heavy and aggressive, but you wouldn’t call it progressive. It is more of the same, but that doesn’t mean it’s lame. It’s crust, thrashy, metal, and hardcore and it doesn’t care if it makes your ears sore. The album is hateful, confronting, and just plain crazy. So if you get in their way, you’ll be pushing up a daisy.

Pantera’s Phillip Anselmo produced the record, and as a result, it really strikes up a chord. Because ‘Dead Set’ hails to an older, more traditional style of metal, this shit will crush your head like a flower petal. ‘Home Is Where The Gutter Is’ is one of the best of the bunch, and ‘Need No Saviour‘ and ‘Punisher’ pack some serious punch. ‘Like A Rat’ and ‘Sick In The Head‘ are some of the faster songs here, and they’ll tear a second hole right through your rear. The title track is a great album closer because it’s five minutes of throbbing, thick grooves and chugging riffs will make you the best mosher.

As for the band themselves, their “singer’s” name is Matt Young, he’s as bald as can be, his voice is raw and throaty and he’s well-hung (sighting needed). Slatts slaps happily away at the bass, and drummer Todd ‘Toddy’ Hansen plays away like a complete nut-case. Guitarists Squizy and Mr. White play their riffs with some real ol’ might, and together, the band are all very tight. Sure, ‘Dead Set‘ may be repetitive, but it will always keep you attentive. So trust us when we say that the thirty or so minutes you’ll spend with this release is sure to please.


If the above didn’t make you want to go out and buy this album, then you’ll stick out like a sore thumb. Or you’re fucked in the head and you should go into real estate, it’s practically the same as being dead. King Parrot’s ‘Dead Set’ is fast, intense, fun and in circles it’ll make you run. We recommend this album because… because… um… ugh, fuck this noise! The album’s great, okay, just go get it already, Christ!


1. Anthem Of The Advance Sinner

2. Need No Saviour

3. Hell Comes Your Way

4. Like A Rat

5. Tomorrow Turns To Blood

6. Home Is Where The Gutter Is

7. Sick In The Head

8. Punisher

9. Reject

10. Dead Set

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