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An incredible, energetic listen that will have you spin kicking in the living room.


90 / 100

There’s something about Aussie beach side hardcore bands that just works. Parkway Drive, 50 Lions and In Hearts Wake are all products of coastal Australia, bands that seem to contain an inexplicable ‘otherness’ that makes them shine. Miles Away are no exception to this idea. With members now spread all over Australia and the world, producing an album to match their excellent and extensive back catalogue was never going to be an easy task. But after 5 years of writing, touring, writing, living, growing and writing some more, the coastal Western Australian outfit have finally pulled through with another record. And it was definitely worth the wait.

Floodgates’ is the perfect title for the intro track for ‘Tideas the band well and truly open them with later tune ‘Terra Incognita’. Like a punch to the face, ‘Terra’ hits with devastating force, with a dizzying array of tom rolls. Miles Away have never been one to shy away from their Australian heritage, with vocalist Nick Hornsell vividly reminding us that “This land we call our home/ the dirt that stains our skin/ the salt in my lungs/ we forever call our home.”

Consistency is the order of the day for ‘Tide’. After the opening the album simply refuses to let up, with the one two combo of ‘Grateful’ and personal favourite ‘Let The Words Roll By’ both presenting themselves as huge anthems, simply destined for the live halls. ‘Let The Words Roll By’ in particular shows the dynamic shape this band are capable of. From its bombastic intro the song rises and falls, showing off the savage grooves of bassist Jared Crowe before exploring the band’s more subtle side, with guitarists Adam Crowe and Cam Jose dancing around one another in a swirling wall of sound. The final section of the song is truly anthemic with Hornsell adding the perfect amount of melodic intensity with his vocals. It’s exciting, plain and simple.  

However, what Miles Away should truly feel proud of here is their skill of steady, thumping grooves whilst maintaining all of the energy of even the most furious Black Flag cuts. Look no further than ‘Ex Voto’, a tune which fuses Southern Metal influences with the angry, emotional frustration found in Australian hardcore. The result is a very carefully constructed yet explosive song which grooves with an infectious drum beat.

There’s something for everyone here. You want fast and thrashy? Enter ‘Mousetraps’, a dark, angry 2 minute bomb which is sure to send the tamest crowd into a wild moshing, stage diving frenzy. Don’t underestimate Miles Away. They can groove and they can play…really really fast. ‘Port Of Call’ is a tune for the old school fans, a throwback to the Bay Area scene of the 90’s, and ends all too soon, leaving the audience craving more. ‘Undertow’ again shows the slow, heavy side of the band, the sludgy march rounding out a truly sensational album.

Tide’ is a ripper of a listen. In a refreshing move for the scene it is carefully written, well produced and executed with absolute perfection. There are no fillers here. The gravely vocals of Hornsell compliment the music laid down by his band mates perfectly, with all this energy, angst and desire just to be heard well and truly on display. If you like hardcore, buy this album. If you like punk, buy this album. If you like Norwegian, pagan inspired, glam- pop jazz fusion…buy this album. ‘Tide’ is an album of the year, displaying a band well and truly in their prime.


If 5 years is what it takes for Miles Away to produce albums like these, let them take all the time in the world. They have something incredible going here, and if they can continue to build on it, they will pave the way for more future bands. An incredible release.


1. Floodgates

2. Terra Incognita

3. Grateful

4. Let The Words Roll By

5. Ex Voto

6. Entitlement

7. Mousetraps

8. Whitewash

9. Balance

10. Port Of Call

11. Undertow


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  1. chodexxx

    do your research bellend.

    “”With a career already spanning over a decade, it will come as a surprise to most that ‘Tide’ is only the band’s second offering. “”

    Miles Away (12 July 2005, Common Bond Records / Bridge Nine Records) (Note: “Make It Count” EP re-released with the 4 songs from the “State of Affairs” split & the ‘Armed with Hope” demo tracks)
    Consequences (24 January 2006, Common Bond Records/Bridge Nine Records)
    Rewind, Repeat… (13 June 2007, Resist Records/6131 Records)
    Endless Roads (20 August 2010, Resist Records/Anchors Aweigh Records/Six Feet Under Records) No. 93 Australia

      • @L

        this is meant to be a punk and hardcore website, and your a writer for it, and you don’t even know miles away’s discography, one of Australia’s best punk&hardcore bands? FUCKING HACK

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