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Ours Is Chrome


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60 / 100

As much as it pains us to say it, Superheaven’s ‘Ours Is Chrome’ is not as good as we expected it to be. In case you missed it, Superheaven is the name change for that band formerly known as Daylight, who released that killer record a few years back titled ‘Jar‘.

‘Ours Is Chrome’ is no ‘Jar‘.

It’s not that there’s anything specifically wrong with it; in fact, it’s a solid record overall. Its opener ‘I’ve Been Bored’ has an edge imprinted by its sharp vocals and ringing out guitar twangs that lend weight to it, making it a hope-providing opener. There isn’t much to fault – the vocals on ‘Blur‘ are an insanely accurate encapsulation of feeling hostile yet deflated. ‘All The Pain’ is similar, in that it brings you exactly what its title tells you it will.

And let’s take a second to acknowledge its lyrics: poetic and jarring (pardon the pun), there’s not much to complain about there. ‘Poor Aileen‘ is tragic enough to spotlight, with chilling lines including “Poor Aileen, you weren’t treated like a human/They took your veins, don’t be afraid”. Gushin’ Blood’ is the LP’s most disturbing, but we’ll let you listen to it yourself to find out why.

Despite its many virtues, this album’s instrumentation isn’t particularly focused on variation, and therein lies the rub: these tracks sound terribly similar. It doesn’t take away from the album’s capacity to be enjoyed or cried to, it’s just that it’s not as memorable as it could be. It’s prevented from being Superheaven’s best because these songs don’t stand on their own so much as they blend together. It’s not a bad album, it’s just that the bar was way too high. Sorry, guys – it’s on us.


‘Ours Is Chrome’ is a solid effort that’s weighed down with emotion in the best possible way. It takes a while to grow on you, and it’s not for catchy, light music enthusiasts either. It satisfies expectations, but doesn’t exceed them. Until next time Superheaven blow us all away, there are enough small victories that shine on the record to carry you through.


1. I’ve Been Bored

2. Next to Nothing

3. Room

4. All the Pain

5. Leach

6. Downswing

7. Blur

8. Gushin’ Blood

9. Dig Into Me

10. From the Chest Down

11. Poor Aileen

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