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Punk that ruins your mood in a good way.


81 / 100

Let’s get straight to the point: sad music is fantastic. There’s nothing better than listening to tunes that you can empathise with, so here’s the good news: Red City Radio are here for you. Their latest, self-titled LP is unexpectedly shattering, because these aren’t twinkling acoustic numbers that jerk tears. Despite that, these full-instrumental-backed tunes have the same effect; they are, for the most part, heartbreaking. That impact is largely due to the expressive vocals that dominate the record, and its poignant, torn lyrics (‘Pretend Kings’ is a good reference point.)

The personal intensity of the album shines through on ‘Let Me In’ which possesses the sad, confessional ‘deep down inside of me there’s something evil’. Album closer ‘I’ll Catch A Ride’ also constructs a downer vibe, burning slower and owing a large part of its structure to love-sick slow rock (that structure taking approximately seven minutes to flesh out).  Another frown-faced relationship track is ‘I Should Have Known’, which interestingly hits home on a line that should sound superficial but doesn’t due to its relevance for anyone who has phones in their life: ‘Is it so hard to talk to me, face-to-face, reality?’ 

Even when it’s not dealing with human interaction, the record doesn’t let up on making you feel things. ‘Two Out Of Three Ain’t Rad’ is empowered, arrogant and autonomous, if you’re seeking a validation for being independent. ‘In The Meantime’ is the LP’s most punchy, but its unpretentious lyrics are biting. On the surface, it sounds lighter, but don’t be fooled. Let’s also just take a moment to appreciate its fully effective stop-start.

It’s necessary to mention how damn good the instrumentation on this album is. Though the beats on ‘Whatcha Got?’ are reasonably unsteady, the album overall is extremely solid. From harsh vocals to catchy hooks to the outstanding lead guitar on ‘Let Me In’ and the riffs on ‘Electricity‘, Red City Radio are absolutely on point.


Red City Radio’s self-titled release is an LP that makes you want to fist-pump through your tears. There are tunes to cry to, laugh to, and walk down the street arrogantly smirking to. Don’t be surprised when it catches you off guard.


1. Whatcha Got?

2. Rest Easy

3. Stranger

4. Two Out of Three Ain’t Rad

5. Electricity

6. Let Me In

7. Pretend Kings

8. I Should Have Known

9. In The Meantime

10. I’ll Catch A Ride

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