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Millencolin kick ass and take names with ‘True Brew’.


85 / 100

The fair-weather fans of these Swedish punk rock veterans want more fast songs, but let’s face it; Millencolin aren’t quite the tender spring chickens they were when they released ‘Life On A Plate’ or ‘Pennybridge Pioneers’. Yet even with getting older, these songs wouldn’t really be considered slow nor do they feel washed out, an issue that can plague many bands once they pass the 20-year mark. The band are in their 23rd year now, so they knocked that one out of the park without breaking a sweat.

With ‘True Brew’, their first album in seven years, the band has really, really stuck to their guns. It’s got punchy songs that go for as long as they need and that don’t over stay their welcome; simple yet tight instrumentation; fun, catchy, well-written songs; massive, anthem-like choruses that are uplifting and euphoric; and a classic punk rock charm that’s pretty fucking hard to deny or reject. It’s also quite varied in terms of it’s subject matter, but wrapped up in that familiar Millencolin wrapping you should totally already love.

Launch track, ‘Sense & Sensibility’ is a fast and incredibly catchy ‘Fuck you’ to nationalism and racism. ‘Chameleon’ is a short pop-punk number about changing and despite those changes, still having fun and enjoying life, which is something that speaks volumes about the band’s career and their current state. ‘Autopilot Mode’ is the slower, rock n’ roll sound of ‘Machine 15’ era (or the “shit” years of their career for some people) yet it’s a solid song, and follows a slightly different structure to the rest of the record. The title track is the band showcasing the sound they’ve had and will continue to have, and it’s easily one of the strongest songs of the 13. Its chorus is also some truly addictive shit, and you’ll need it over and over and over again. Just like cocaine. Ah, sweet delicious cocaine.

Wall Of Doubt’ is a more personal, emotive song, but it’s nonetheless a punchy song, even with the piano-lead intro. Its chorus is also another great example of the group’s strong song-writing abilities and how they make the easy listening not feel digestible or dull. Plus it references ‘Penguins & Polarbears’, and that is always, always appreciated. Furthermore, and before this turns into a full goddamn track by track, Millencolin have always been outspoken against depression and suicide, songs like ‘Happiness For Dogs’, ‘Fingers Crossed’, ‘A-ten’ and ‘The Ballad’ confirm this. For this outing, ‘Silent Suicide’ (now their shortest song to date by about 10 seconds) is a call-to-arms for us to notice the signs and help those in real trouble. And that’s always a commendable message, one that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Millencolin album without some simple, yet awesomely slick guitar solos, and the records latter half does not disappoint on this side. ‘Man Of 1000 Tics’, ‘Silent Suicide’ and ‘Mr. Fake Believe’ see the band pulling out some very cool, very tight fret board skipping moments. In fact, the guitars in general are still at the forefront of the band’s sound and this record offers up some great moments for YouTubers to create many play throughs of. Millencolin – helping you get likes and subscribers on your channel since 2005.


Millencolin’s eighth album is catchy punk rock at its very best. It’s got style, it’s got substance, and it’s arguably one of the best albums the band has released since the turn of the century. ‘True Brew’ is the band being themselves and being completely comfortable with it, and thus, more power to the band for it. And hey, if the speed bothers you that much, then go listen to oldies like ‘Pepper’ and ‘Story of My Life’ and quit being such a negative fuck hole, cheers.


1. Egocentric Man

2. Chameleon

3. Autopilot Mode

4. Bring Me Home

5. Sense & Sensibility

6. True Brew

7. Perfection Is Boring

8. Wall Of Doubt

9. Something I Would Die For

10. Silent Suicide

11. Man Of 1000 Tics

12. Mr. Fake Believe

13. Believe In John

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