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An emotive and impressive fusion of rock and classical sounds.


90 / 100

Since their beginning Apocalyptica have been walking the lines between metal/rock and classic music with a fusion of both heavy sounds and classic cello. They were the talk of the town at their recent 2015 Soundwave appearances and now they have brought us their new album, ‘Shadowmaker’, which takes their own brand of rock/classical to yet another level.

Apocalyptica have now pinned down a full time vocalist, Franky Perez, which helps to really add some consistency to their music with the one set of vocals. These guys have a mish-mash of instrumental songs and also very different sounding moments, which fit well with the varying vocal talents that Perez provides. From some deep and more aggressive tones to high, piercing notes everything that he sings is infectiously catchy.

Tracks like ‘Shadowmaker’ take on some heavier rock tones and even dish out a long, delightful guitar solo that offers some solid sounds to jam out to. However, the focus for this band has been, and still is largely on, their cello playing. Instrumental tracks like ‘Riot Lights’ and ’Till Death Do Us Part’ provide heavily cello driven and melodic tunes that Apocalyptica are so loved for.

‘Shadowmaker’ overall is a dynamic album. The instrumentals range from fast, heavy rock with aggressive tones to beautiful and melodic cello driven sounds that simply leave you in awe. Equally, the introduction of Perez then allows for more anger, sadness, joy and general emotional periods to be captured in these collection of tracks.


’Shadowmaker’ is something a little new for Apocalyptica with the focus of Perez’s vocals. They heighten some of the songs and add an even greater emotive edge. But don’t fear because the band’s beautiful, melodic and, sometimes heavy, instrumental sounds that they are loved for are still here and as good as ever. Put succinctly, this album shows the best of their vocal and instrumental music.


I-III-V-Seed of Chaos

Cold Blood



Reign of Fear

Hole in My Soul

House of Chains

Riot Lights

Come Back Down

Sea Song (You Waded Out)

Till Death Do Us Part

Dead Man’s Eyes

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